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How to Make Calcium using Egg Shells

By Bee Wilder

Eggshells present healthy, balanced calcium due to trace amounts of other minerals contained in it. Eggshell calcium is probably the best natural source of calcium, and it is easier for your body to digest and absorb. Dutch researchers have reported recently a highly positive effect of eggshell calcium (with added magnesium and vitamin D) on bone mineral density in a scientific study (double blind, placebo-controlled). Laboratory test and measures of bone density were carefully made in these studies. The eggshell supplemented group had measurable increases in bone density in their hip bones, after one year.

The ideal bone-building combination of eggshell calcium and vitamin D3 was also well documented in Japanese studies. Researchers at the Japan Women’s University, Tokyo studied a combination of vitamin D3 and eggshell powder in animals with osteoporosis. Not only was the eggshell powder with vitamin D3 able to improve bone mineral density, but it did it without significantly increasing blood calcium levels.

You can use any kind of egg (chicken, goose, duck), but it is best to use organic or certified organic eggs from free-range birds. If the bird does not get proper nutrients the eggshells won’t contain the nutrients we need.

How much to take?

One whole medium sized eggshell makes about one teaspoon of powder, which yields about 750 - 800 mgs of elemental* calcium plus other microelements, i.e. magnesium, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, sulphur, silicon, zinc, etc. There are 27 elements in total. The composition of an eggshell is very similar to that of our bones and teeth.

*Elemental amounts are the amounts absorbable.

Most people require a minimum of 400 mgs per day of calcium, in addition to calcium from other food sources, so you would take 1/2 teaspoon of the powder per day. Also take 400 mgs of magnesium citrate at the same time. Calcium and magnesium need to be taken in at least equal amounts, and some people require more magnesium than calcium depending upon how much they obtain from their diet.

If you are getting muscle cramps take extra magnesium (about 150 mgs). If that doesn’t alleviate the cramps within an hour take another 150 mgs, and so on. If you get unusual joint pain and you do not have arthritis, take an additional 150 mgs of calcium. Do not take more than 500 mgs of calcium at one time because your body cannot handle it. If you need more than 400 mgs per day split up the doses during the day.

It is best to take calcium and magnesium with foods to help absorb them.

Don’t forget that vitamin D is very important for absorbing minerals, so take cod liver oil in the winter and get into the sun in the summer! In addition, all of the trace minerals, sodium and chloride are important for mineral absorption and to keep minerals balanced so do take a lemon juice and ocean sea salt drink every day (the juice of 1/2 lemon and 1/4 teaspoon of ocean sea salt mixed into 6 ounces of filtered water 6 times a day; 3 with meals to aid digestion).

How to Make Powdered Eggshells:

  1. Wash empty eggshells in warm water until all of the egg white is removed, but do not remove the membrane because it contains important nutrients for the joints which helps arthritis.
  2. Lay broken pieces out on paper towels and allow them to air dry thoroughly.
  3. Break the eggshells up into small pieces, and grind them to into a fine powder in a food processor, blender, coffee grinder, or a nut mill, or put them in a plastic bag and use a rolling pin to grind them. Please note that some blenders will not grind the eggshell into a fine enough powder. A coffee grinder works the best.
  4. Store powdered eggshells in a covered glass jar or container. Keep it in a dry place, like the kitchen cupboard.

How to take eggshell calcium (this forms calcium citrate) takes 3 hours:

  1. Put 1/2 teaspoon of powdered eggshell into a small dish (approximately 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches across) 1/2 teaspoon equals approximately 400 mgs of elemental calcium.
  2. Add the juice of 1/2 a lemon (freshly squeezed), and mix well it will start to bubble and foam, which is what is supposed to happen.
  3. Leave it at room temperature for 6 hours the longer you leave it the less gritty it will be, but do not leave it longer than 12 hours.
  4. It can be taken by the spoonfuls, followed by mouthfuls of water to wash it down. It is not sour tasting. In fact the taste is quite pleasant.
  5. Also take 400 mgs of magnesium citrate at the same time.

Other Eggshell Recipes here are some other ways to make eggshell calcium citrate:

# 1 Lemon Eggshell:

  1. Place one whole, clean, uncooked egg into a clean, wide-mouth jar and cover it with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  2. Cover the jar loosely and place it in the refrigerator.
  3. A few times a day, gently agitate the jar the mixture will bubble.
  4. After 48 hours, when the bubbling stops, carefully remove the egg.
  5. The recipe says to take 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture daily, but with the added lemon 1/2 teaspoon would not equal 400 mgs of calcium, so it is hard to judge how much of the mixture to take in order to get enough calcium.

# 2 Lemon Eggshell:

  1. Fill a wide mouth jar with 3 clean, whole, uncracked eggs.
  2. Cover the eggs with freshly squeezed lemon juice it important that the lemons are very fresh or this mixture will not work right.
  3. Clove the jar tightly and place it in the refrigerator. You should start to see bubbles forming on the eggshells. That means the eggshells are being dissolved into the lemon juice. The mixture will gradually turn white.
  4. Gently agitate the jar a few minutes about 3 times a day.
  5. As soon as the bubbling stops it is ready to take. It should not take any longer than 36-48 hours. If you leave the mixture longer it will tend to get thick and the eggs will begin to absorb more of the lemon juice, or the eggs may split and leak into the mixture. Occasionally this mixture doesn’t work when the lemons are not fresh enough.
  6. Carefully remove the eggs without breaking the membrane, and use them as you would normally, i.e. in your raw egg drink. There will not be any shell left on the egg because it has been totally dissolved into the lemon juice, which is calcium citrate.
  7. Place a tight lid on the mixture that remains after the eggs have been removed, and shake it well.
  8. Take no more than one teaspoon per day initially because it can be very powerful. Start slowly. The amount may be gradually increased over time.

Bee’s note: The amount of this mixture to take is not easy to figure out. One eggshell (size is not stated) yields approximately 1,800 mgs of elemental calcium (amount that will be absorbed). Therefore 3 eggs would contain 5,400 mgs, divided by 400 mgs = approximately 13.5 doses.

Bee Wilder has a wealth of knowledge and experience both as a former sufferer of candida and convenor of the candida support group. Since the 1980s when Bee could eat only a few types of foods and was so sensitive to yeasts she had to adminster herself an allergy shot every day, she has not only fully recovered but now is more robust than ever. Bee lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and continues to research natural health and nutrition. You can find more articles and support at her website: Healing Naturally by Bee

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COMMENTS - 119 Responses

  1. Wow, that sounds good. We have our own chookies but call me too chicken to try. Worried about their poop giving me bad bugs. Actually I worry about that too much!

  2. hi…thanks for information….it help me better to my project in science

  3. Thanks for sharing that. My girlfriend told me about it this morning so I did some resereach, she was not pulling my leg. i’ve jus been to the bin and rescued the shells of the five eggs we had for lunch, they’re aiting out right now. Will have my calcium for dinner time. Wow!!!!

  4. Thank you, Bee! I’ve been crushing up my eggshells for my worm compost, and given the shells to my birds, and I was contemplating taking the powdered shells for calcium but didn’t know if humans could absorb it. I used the powdered shells on my tomato plants this summer after one tomato got blossom end rot, and it kept the rest of the crop from getting the rot, so I know it’s a wonderful and natural source. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!! All we need is given to us, we just need to find it.

  5. I was reading about this eggshell calcium in a book by Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D. He suggests boiling the eggshells for 5 minutes before drying them. This seems like a way to rid them of salmonella, but I was wondering if some of the nutrients might be lost in boiling. ??

  6. Hi Linda,
    Dr. Mercola has a great article “Eggs Not a Likely Source of Salmonella”;

    However, I do not think boiling eggshells for 5 minutes will damage any nutrients in them.

    The best in health, Bee

  7. Hi Bea,

    Thanks for the info. This was just what I have been looking for. I want to make sure that I understand one thing though. If plop an entire egg - shell and all - into my smoothie, I will not absorb the calium and other minerals because it did not soak in lemon juice. Is that correct?


  8. Hi Karen,
    You will still absorb the nutrients in an eggshell if you add it to a smoothie, but the eggshell will settle to the bottom and be very gritty. You would have to dig it out of the bottom.

    If you soak eggshells in lemon juice it dissolves it better, but it will still be gritty and will not mix well in other liquids. The grit settles to the bottom. I’ve experimented a lot with this and find it is much easier to soak eggshells in lemon juice and not try to mix it with any fluids; just eat it off the spoon followed by mouthfuls of liquid. After the lemon juice dissolves the eggshell it is quite thick, so it can be rolled it up into little balls.

    If you want a really good smoothie that is extremely nutritious try Bee’s Raw Egg Drink. If you send me an email at: I will send you the recipe. My website is just getting set up so some of the recipes do not work yet.

    The best in health,

  9. This is a great recipe to get more needed calcium. But i’d like to share another wonderful purpose it helps. The first time I heard of this, it was actualy given to me for my baby boy. He had a very bad enzema rash on his cheeks and around the lips. It was suggested that you purchase organic eggs and boil them. (like it was mentioned) After they air dry, remove the membrane inside and grind into powder. This is for a baby so the measurments are very small, could be measured on the tip of a knife ) and mix with a drop or two of squeezed lemon. This is a home remody. Always ask your pediatrician first.

  10. Hi Bea, I think that this is brilliant.

    I have been putting my dried eggshells into the over on an foil dish, so that when I bake something they are heated. I crush the shells after a couple of baking sessions (they are softer) and use them in my compost heap.

    Do you know if heating affects the calcium content?

  11. Hi Jenny,
    We know that overheating or overcooking foods does affect the nutrients available, by lowering them and/or destroying them, so I believe the same would be true for eggshells. I’ve only used “air dried” eggshells to make calcium for myself.

    My mother puts eggshells in her compost heap without drying or heating them. They broke down quite easily so it wouldn’t be necessary to heat them.

    The best, Bee

  12. Great info! I tried including crushed egg shells for dinner to our dog, and was wondering about how I should be taking egg shells myself. I’ve been reading on a calcium tincture recipe and wanted to get more info. Thanks for the instructions.

  13. Hi Bee,
    Thank you very much for this info!
    I just found an organic egg seller near I live, so I can’t wait to try this out.
    One question, do you think vinegar (apple cider vinegar, for example) may work as well? Or does it have to be lemon juice?

  14. Being the very curious type, I looked up info about calcium and found that calcium, unlike many other nutrients, does not begin to decompose until it reaches 601 degrees Centigrade.

  15. Hi Jenny,
    Would you please provide a reference to the information about calcium since I’ve never heard of that. It doesn’t make sense that the body wouldn’t absorb minerals like calcium without them being such a high temperature. Minerals are found in many foods, including meats and eggs, and they are essential to health.

    Calcium and other minerals mainly need acid in order to be absorbed, i.e. lemon, vinegar, etc. and even taking minerals with vitamin C helps.

    The best in health, Bee

  16. Hi Bee, I shall try and find that reference again . I’m pretty stressed at the moment with commitments, so haven’t time at the moment, especially since I only have dial up which is very, very slow. It may be the chemical reactions rather than the heat which breaks calcium down in our bodies - I’m not up on that sort of thing.
    Love the ‘nourishedmagazine’ site. I only wish that I had more time to read more stuff.
    PS If you are keen, I’m sure that you could find the reference site - only the first paragraph of the paper was in English (It was a scientific paper on line).

  17. Hi Bee,

    I have hens and organic eggs. I’d always saved the shells, dried them on the rack over my stove, then put them in plastic bag and crushed them up with my rolling pin to give back to the hens to aid in their nutrients. Today after I gave the hens the crushed shells, I thought they might aid me with my calcium intake as well, so after a little search I’m happy to have found your blog. I have a salad every day for lunch which, among other things, consists of baby spinach greens, raisins, chopped walnuts and sliced almonds, and I’m wondering how crushed/powdered egg shell will work sprinkled on top of the salad - and how much per day.

    Happy Spring!

  18. Dear Johanna,

    I recommend taking 300 mg of calcium twice a day, along with the same amount of magnesium citrate; they need to be taken at the same time.

    Your body can only handle a maximum of 500 mg at a time, and 1/2 teaspoon of ground eggshell equals 400 mg of calcium, therefore you would add less than 1/2 teaspoon to your foods twice a day.

    You will find ground eggshell is somewhat gritty and dry if you do not mix it with lemon juice.

    All minerals require acid and “good” fats, i.e. butter, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. in order to be absorbed and utilized in the body. A salad is great since it contains vinegar and oils!

    The best to you, Bee

  19. Hi Bee,

    Could we please have a list of all the allowed vegies on the diet?
    Also was wondering how long people stay on the diet?

    Thanks M.J.

  20. Is there a natural, ‘home made’ style of Magnesium available to take along with the eggshells?

  21. Dear MJ,
    I assume you mean the list of foods acceptable on the Candida Diet. There are handy lists of foods, and also supplements recommended on my Yahoo Candida Support Group at:

    Once you join go to the Files (left-hand menu) and you will find many Folders; look for the Folder “B) Candida Diet, Shopping Lists, and All About Foods.” See the Folder “B) Candida Supplements” too.

    The best in health, Bee

  22. Hi Nancy,
    I wish there was a way to make natural magnesium supplements but as far as I know there isn’t. Take magnesium citrate tablets or capsules along with the eggshell calcium. I recommend 300 mg each of calcium and magnesium two times a day, with meals.

    The best, Bee

  23. To answer Nancy’s Q about the magnesium….the source I use for that is organic black strap molasses. On Saturday I took about a tablespoon of powdered organic eggshells, put it in a glass and covered it with apple cider vinegar. You should see it dance!!! The shells go up, then down, then up again…..anyway…so when that stops, which it seemed like about a hour, I strained out the remaining shell granules and put the vinegar in a jar to keep in the fridge.

    Then I boiled some water and made a tea with a teaspoon of the vinegar and a teaspoon of the molasses. It’s really good!! I know it may not be perfectly balanced (calcium v. magnesium), but it’s the best I could do, and strangely enough I had a burst of energy afterwards, which was totally unexpected. I used to have anemia, and I know that molasses is a great source of iron, too, and a lot of other trace minerals, so I’m sticking to this and I’ll see what happens.

  24. A purportedly highly assimilated form of magnesium is Peter Gillham’s product Natural Calm. It is a powder that when hot water is added, you see foaming similar to that when you are processing your eggshells into assimilable calcium. Tastes good, too. 1 tsp of the powder = 205 mg of Mg.

  25. For those not interested in eating real food with their eggshells try the info on this site

  26. Travis, you meant “for those interested,” right? Thanks for the list of real food that provide magnesium. Pumpkin seeds and various nuts are the way to go.

  27. Hi Bee,
    I am confused, in the first instruction says to only take 1/2 teaspoon and mix with 1/2 lemon, leave at room temp no more than 12 hours - are you supposed to refrigerate. This is only one or two doses?? Could I mix more than 1/2 teapoon eggshells at one time - how long could it be left in refrigerator, will it go bad or loose potency?
    I use a moter & pestle and cannot get a very fine texture does that matter as long as you disolve in lemon juice?
    How much would you give a ten pound dog, is it safe to give to them?

  28. 28. Bee Wilder
    Apr 8th, 2008 at 12:11 am

    Hi Gina,
    You do not have to refrigerate it for the 12 hours it is working with the lemon juice, but if it makes you feel better you can. It works okay either way.

    Yes you can mix up more than 1/2 teaspoon of eggshells at a time. The problem is that mixing it with lemon juice changes the volume, so it is easier when you know you take 1/2 of the total mixture twice a day. If you keep track of the teaspoons mixed you can divide the mixture into proper amounts.

    The mixture can dry out if it is kept for longer periods of time, so when mixing up a few days at a time it needs to be covered and refrigerated. It will not go bad or lose potency.

    The eggshell doesn’t totally dissolve into the lemon juice. It is still gritty so it will not mix with liquids because it will settle to the bottom. I suggest you experiment by making one 1 teaspoon at first.

    Yes, it is safe to give to dogs. Pet stores sell bags of eggshell calcium for that purpose, but who knows what kind of eggs they use. For the dose check with a Pet store or your vet.

    The best, Bee

  29. 29. Sarah Luck
    Apr 8th, 2008 at 12:04 pm

    Magnesium is used by plants to create chlorophyll in a similar way to iron being used by us to make red blood cells. Any green plants will therefore be good sources of magnesium. Food based supplements such as barley greens, wheat grass, spirulina and chlorella will all contain abundant magnesium. Almonds are another good source, as is molasses (also high in sodium for digestion and healthy adrenal glands) and yeast (not so good if you’re a candida type recovering from a high sugar or refined grain diet). Maybe try mixing some wheat grass juice in with your calcium and lemon juice?

  30. Bee,
    Thank you very much for sharing the eggshell recipe, I can’t wait to try it, however. I went to the store to get magnesium citrate and now am confused on the magnesium end of it all. I went to my local grocery store and the magnesium I found is a saline laxative oral solution, and I don’t think you meant that. I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong many times before. I decide to get it since it wasn’t very expensive and came home to do some homework on the internet on magnesium. I can tell you now, after I read everything I could about magnesium I am now even more confused than before. I found magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, liquid magnesium gluconate, magnesium supplements in a variety of dosages and even an article on Nano Particle Ionic Magnesium that swears is the best magnesium in the world because its already in an ionic form ( ). So, which magnesium am I to take? or does it matter? Thank you for your help


  31. Hi Rose,
    There are many forms of magnesium but I recommend magnesium citrate because “citrate” is acid and all minerals require acid in order to be absorbed. You can get it in gelatin capsules, usually 150 mg each. Ensure the label states the “elemental amount” of magnesium, which is the amount absorbed. Here in Canada I buy Natural Factors brand.

    The best in health, Bee

  32. 32. haein grace
    Aug 23rd, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    h!bee, thank you so much for that good info because i’ve got ideas from your article inorder for me to make our project in science.

  33. you can sterilize (sp?) eggshells by putting them in the microwave. I do it at the same time i microwave
    my eggs, and chomp down 1/2 the eggshell afterwards. Pardon me though, I have been God-blessed
    with the digestive system of a garbage disposal.

  34. Dear Dan,
    The eggshells should never be microwaved. Microwaving anything, even water, kills foods so they are not alive anymore, and when microwaved substances are consumed they cause damage to the body. I recommend you read about the dangers of microwaving and irradiation (both are radioactive processes) - see if there are articles on this website, or do a search at or


  35. Dan, forgive me we have at least 20 spam comments every day. I remember accidentally marking a comment as spam, realising when it was too late. Doh! We love controversial so please resubmit your comment.

  36. Could I eat the eag shell by itself after I let it dry or just by itself before it dries, I konw neither will taste good but I’m lazy and it’s faster?

  37. Hi Shawn,
    Yes, you could eat the eggshell by itself, but it may be difficult to chew it and not have the shell cut into your mouth. Minerals require acid in order to be absorbed, so that’s why lemon juice is important. You can take vitamin C along with plain eggshells for acid.

    The best to you,
    Bee Wilder

  38. Bee,

    I looked up this article/blog in support of what
    I was already doing, and to see if I could improve
    upon what I have been doing (eating eggshells).
    Your article is good but some of the points you are
    making are a bit off. Like:
    “Microwaving anything, even water
    , kills foods so they are not alive anymore.”

    Several things here, first, you can’t kill water.

    Second, the point of
    microwaving is to kill germs, bacteria etc. Salmonilla
    poisoning!!!!!!!! is in eggs! So you are risking your
    life otherwise!!!!! Third, I don’t think you
    understand what a microwave does but you
    are commenting on the effects.

    Example. “when microwaved
    substances are consumed
    they cause damage to the body”

    I don’t understand your sentence , but
    if my guess is correct, you may be
    implying that microwaving causes
    radiation poisoning? It doesn’t

    To help you out a little, and I am not an
    expert (and the expert scientist you
    mentioned seems off in left field),
    is that microwaving causes friction between
    water molecules and raises it to 212 degrees F.
    Calcuim is fine until about 600 or so degrees. The
    other minerals aren’t effected either.

    Another point is the acid. Your stomach
    has more than enough acid to digest this,
    more than lime juice, vitamin c, (at least
    mine does).

    So anyway, Bee, you may have a “set”
    way of doing things but I think that
    you are too quick to judge when
    someone does something differently, and that
    there fails to be solid evidence behind what
    your offhand statements.

  39. 39. Sarah Luck
    Sep 1st, 2008 at 10:24 am

    Shawn, if you’re going to the effort of drying your eggs, why don’t you save them up and when you’ve got a stack of dried egg shells grind them in a coffee grinder to create a powder. You can then mix the powder with some ascorbic acid (the acidic form of vitamin C) and take a teaspoon each day or mix into some water. Put your eggshells in a bowl and crush them using the bottom of a cup or glass to break them up enough to fit in the coffee grinder, it then takes a few seconds to whiz them in the grinder.

  40. 40. Sarah Luck
    Sep 1st, 2008 at 11:55 am

    Hi Dan, had to pipe up with my two cents worth on the microwave, salmonella and stomach acid issue. First off, if you choose free range eggs, your risk of salmonella is pretty low (i’d say close to zero). Because of the crowded conditions that cage hens are kept in their risk of infection is quite high (hence the liberal use of antibiotics with them). Salmonella used to be a problem with chicken meat but has now become a big problem with their eggs as well. Also, your stomach acid offers pretty good protection from nasty critters entering your body along with your food. Although you seem blessed with great digestion, many people suffer a lack of stomach acid - in fact low stomach acid is the most common reason for reflux and other digestive problems attributed to excess stomach acid. Anyone on medication for reflux is at a greater risk of food bourne infection and poor mineral absorption.
    The microwave issue is a contentious one. There have been several studies that have shown that microwaving vegetables reduces the antioxidant nutrients they contain. The other huge problem with microwaving foods is the plastic containers used which have the potential to leach BPA and other toxins into food as it heats. It is not reccomended that baby’s bottles are heated in the microwave for this very reason. has some good articles on the hazards of microwaving that you can check out if you’re interested.
    warm regards

  41. Re stomach acid. According to what I read, low stomach acid is rampant. 50 years ago, a doctor said that stomach acid (HCl) was so valuable that antacids should be outlawed.

  42. Hi Sara,

    The free range egg theory on no disease is like saying that your kid cannot get a cold
    because he is home schooled instead of in a classroom with 22 kids. Keep in mind
    that this disease will kill, not just make you miss a day or two of

    Also, all reptiles carry the disease.

    Check out:

    On the baby bottle thing….you don’t microwave a baby bottle
    because it will burn the baby. This is the original, the one, and only reason
    that nobody should microwave a baby bottle. There are other reasons
    not to microwave a baby bottle, but that occurred after the
    baby’s were being burned by their own guardians ignorance.
    (I have made stupid mistakes with my own kids but luckily
    not that one) .

  43. thanks to everyone for sharing their wisdom. it’s nice to see how easy and inexpensive we can do things ourselves from natural resources. and so fulfilling to do this ourselves!
    ps we live in a universe full of ‘bacteria’ don’t be afraid of any of them, your body is much wiser than you are.
    remember, a little dirt doesn’t hurt.
    (pps i once had salmonella poisoning, but my body is so resilient…i marvel at it’s wondrous powers)

  44. Let us not get excited over salmonella in well-cared-for, free-range chickens. You can tell by looking at them if they have something or not. I always wash my chickens’ eggs before cooking them. I have even consumed them raw. That washing is all you have to do.

  45. Here’s a link to an interesting Mercola site about the safety of raw eggs, how to assess whether your egg is safe, and includes information on the fact that salmonella is generally a self limiting infection in the majority of people. Only if it enters the blood stream is it generally life threatening.(
    Salmonella is able to penetrate egg shells and infect the egg contents - so in theory, washing the shell won’t protect you if the egg is infected. Compare the difference in shell strength between a cage egg and a free range egg shell and you’ll understand why cage eggs are much more likely to be infected with salmonella. The egg industry itself acknowledges that salmonella is much more prevalent in layer flocks.

  46. Dear Caroline,
    I agree with you that you shouldn’t be afraid of germs, bacteria, bugs, etc. According to the “Germ Theory of Disease” we can all “catch” them ,with no qualification as to the body’s condition/health status. The fact is not everyone “catches” them, even when most people around them are sick. So, there must be some other factor, other than just “catching them.”

    If we could all “catch” them we would ALL have ALL of the bugs ALL of the time, including animcals, since they are everywhere! Wouldn’t that have wiped out life on Earth eons ago?

    Healthy people do not get sick, except to clear out toxins, or because of stress, emotional upsets, etc. We can’t expect to be healthy if we do not follow Nature’s Law regarding health. Dr. Weston A. Price’s proved that in his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He also proved that proper nutrition changes DNA/genes, so even heredity doesn’t count.

    The best in health,
    Bee Wilder

  47. Thanks for information. But regarding shell strength between cage eggs & free range egg shells, I would like to note that as chickens get older, they seem to produce weaker shells. I have some 3 year old hens, still laying (tho not every day like they used do), and fairly often their eggshells are somewhat weak compared to when they were young. They are outdoors, have access to grit & calcium & good food & whatnot, but nevertheless some of the shells are weak. I intend to go on a backyard chicken flock forum to inquire further about this, and will let you know what more experienced chook-ers think. That is interesting to note that salmonella is generally self-limiting.

  48. I had read somewhere that apple cider vinegar would do the same thing that you post the lemon juice would do and I was looking to see if I could find that info on the web. I was pleasantly surprised to find your article and all the responses that went with it. I do have a huge lemon tree that was suppose to be a dwarf but I do not have lemons all year long so I wanted to try and use the ACV instead. Now I am wondering if using it for the same amounts and time that you use the lemon juice will work if I cannot find the exact recipe that I was looking for.

  49. Dear Betty,
    I’ve made eggshell calcium using apple cider vinegar, and I preferred the taste of lemon juice instead. After allowing the acid (lemon juice or ACV) to work on the eggshell, it won’t mix in liquids. Instead it settles to the bottom and has to be dug out with a spoon. It may be easier to take when mixed with a thick substance, like yogurt or mashed vegetables. I found it easier to take it directly from a spoon, followed by swallows of water. If you are okay with the taste of ACV it will do the same thing as lemon juice. You use the same quantities as lemon juice.

    The best in health, Bee

  50. Just wondering if taking the crushed eggshell powder would help rid the body of any parasites? I thought I read that somewhere.

  51. Just a note about the magnesium:
    A good form of magnesium to take along with the egg shells is Natural Calm by Peter Gillham’s
    It is powdered and should be taken at night before bedtime. 3 tsp. mixed with hot water is
    615 mg magnesium citrate. You can get it on the webpage of
    I always get th original flavor but they do have in different flavors.

  52. Hi, I publish a magazine on local foods based in southeastern Massachusetts. I am interested in re-printing your recipe for powered eggshells in my January Issue. Can you please contact me with with any pertinent details.
    Thank you

  53. 53. nepal roade
    Nov 30th, 2008 at 11:59 pm


    I have just what you need to cure your worries about bad germs. Watch this short (2 mins) video on youtube;


  54. 54. nepal roade
    Dec 1st, 2008 at 12:18 am

    P.S. To bring you back to earth after that illuminating video, watch this one too. (30 secs)

    It is done on the ignorant (not knowing) and done using fear.

    Florence Nightingale “There are no specific diseases [germs] only specific disease conditions.”

    note, that is my clarification in square brackets.


  55. Dear Bee

    I’m confused by this article because I was always taught that egg shells are calcium carbonate (bone meal is calcium phosphate) and in order for any mammal (not just humans) to utilize and absorb calcium, phosphorous must be present and supplimented. That eating egg shells (calcium carbonate) will actually drawn phosphorous out of human plasma; so if egg shells are used as the calcium source with magnesium added, you run the risk of
    phosphorous depletion in the body?

    I understand the research and relationship between “calcium” and Vit D, since calcium is very hard for the human body to utilize without it, but I do not understand the use of “calcium carbonate” or egg shells, without the essential requirement for phosphorous to prevent long term adverse affects.

    I look forward to your reply and helping me with this.


  56. 56. Kato Peterson
    Jan 31st, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    After graduating in nutrition i have always been confronted by people intent at increasing calcium consumption in their diets. I always told them about the use of the egg shell as an important source of calcium in addition to milk and milk products for instance cheese. I have however always been skeptical about the bioavailability of the calcium from eggshells but along with use of egg shells i advised use of lemon juice too. But now i got this complex individual who will not eat any milk products and not even the milk. Vegetables are not a major thing for her and the advice of egg shells is so foreign and strange to her too. I would not advice calcium supplements directly also. What do you guys think of calcium from the soft bones in the meat, fowl, and or fish that we eat–any clue about bone marrow calcium??

  57. 57. Cathy Mifsud
    Feb 2nd, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Bone broth and marrow is excellent for calcium.
    You’ll love this, by Sally Fallon;

  58. could i use crushed egg shell as a substitute for sand for my bearded dragon

  59. 59. Nellie Pennella
    Mar 10th, 2009 at 9:45 am

    I was wondering if you could crush egg shells an put them in gel capsuls for use. Would I have to take lemon, vinigar or vitamin C along with magnesium for best consumption?

  60. 60. Irene Lacoursiere
    Mar 11th, 2009 at 11:08 am

    Hi! I’m wondering the same thing as Nellie, about the gel capsules. Also, since lemons are hard to get here (and ACV is yucky!) could orange juice be used, or cranberry, or even ReaLemon? I think orange and cranberry juice are quite acidic…

  61. Hi Bee,
    I am concerned about using essential oils such as oregano and clove internally for the treatment of candida. There are many warnings about it’s use including the risk of adulteration with potential toxins. What are your thoughts? Are there particular brands which you know to be reliable?

  62. Has anyone experienced constipation as a result of consuming egg shell calcium? I took it for about a week along with magnesium citrate- but as you can guess became very constipated until I stopped using the egg shells.

  63. I have just been wondering if you could make an egg shell “broth” just like you would with chicken bones: shells, vinegar, water–and just boil it for a while to get all the vitamins and minerals out of them. Does anyone know if this would work?

  64. You could just use dried oregano and cloves and decoct a tea out of them (mmm yum….not!)
    Otherwise there are some commercially available anti candida capsules that do contain small amounts of the oils. I would also be cautious taking large doses of any essential oil like that as they are pretty harsh on the kidneys.

  65. 65. Cathy Mifsud
    Mar 15th, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Kathy, yes this works! And its a great idea! I’ve just been hearing how other NT cooks are doing this. They save up their cleaned egg shells and add them to their stock pot with the vinegar and veg etc. I haven’t tried it properly myself yet but it makes sence.

  66. 66. Cathy Mifsud
    Mar 15th, 2009 at 4:10 pm

    The egg shells are saved and added to stock pot along with the bones, vinegar, veg etc. I haven’t heard of anyone making actual stock just from egg shells. It you try this, let us know! It would be more flavoursome to combine shells with other bones when making stock.

  67. from what I gather, using vinegar will produce a chloride not a citrate…

  68. Hi Bee,
    I have read your blog about how to make calcium from egg shells and wonder when you find out these recipes and how it is happened that you place them not early that july 2007, you could help many more people who had been suffered.
    How long you are taking this stuff and which one particularly and why?
    If there is one particularly good, then why you put so many of them or because there are different peoples innovations?
    I would like to have comprehensive answer
    thank you so much for helping people

  69. …and another thing - I remember from youth, that some old-timers put egg shells in with their ground coffee to brew their coffee. What’s up with this?? I know caffeine can work against calcium absorption. Maybe the shells in with the grinds counter-acts this?? Can calcium leach out into coffee during brewing & give our bodies some calcium? Does anyone have information about this? Mahalo

  70. Hi guys, greetings from the Philippines.
    I’ve earlier read about the wonders of eggshell dissolved by lemon juice being effective in breaking up kidney stones. I have one measuring 8mm x 6mm. I’ve been reluctant to try it out but this page seems to confirm it’s a safe concoction.

    Can anyone confirm that this was effective? I hope Mr Bee Wilder can enlighten me further. I’m so desperate for answers. I’ve tried cider vinegar, lemon juice with extra virgin olive oil, raddish juice, acalka tablets, sambong (local medicinal plant in capsules), ceragem bed message and many others. After almost 2 months, my latest CT Stonogram revealed the stone has not changed in size but has moved down in my left ureter. How can it be broken up?

    By the way, maybe it’s better if i share what I read:
    1 dozen eggs
    3 cups of fresh lemon juice

    Wash shell of eggs carefully as not to break them. Place eggs in shells in a large bowl. Juice lemons. Pour juice through strainer and remove all pulp. Pour fresh lemon juice (concentrated will not work) over shelled eggs (DO NOT BREAK EGGS). Cover eggs with juice and place in the fridge for about 2-3 days.

    What will happen is the lemon juice will break down the shell of the egg into a white liquid. What remains is the 12 whole eggs inside of a protective membrane. Carefully remove and discard the whole eggs with yolk and all. All you want to keep is the lemon and shell liquid mixture.

    Drink this mixture daily for at least 1 week (1tbs 3 times per day for humans - 1 teaspoon 2x per day for cats and dogs) - stones will break up and pass in urine.
    What do you think guys?

    thanks for your generous attention.

  71. Hi Bee, there are two different amounts of elemental calcium in this article. One states 750-800 mgs per eggshell
    the other (lemon juice desolved) 1800 mgs per egg. Why the difference?
    I also am trying the apple cider vinegar method as it may be more convenient, at least I think so right now :0)
    Any advice on that?
    Thank you.

  72. i want to know how to make egg shells,

  73. I think its much easier to drink a big glass of milk, that way you can acquire the necessary vitamin D as well as build stronger bones and increase bone density.

  74. it is a good article where we can get necessary calcium at a cheaper,natural,homemade method.
    it is really a food for thought in many ways

  75. Another calcium adder- crushed eggshell can also be added to Kombucha,, An advantage of this is that the sourness of the aged K-T will be neutralized by the calcium.
    It is also a very good way of ensuring enough calcium in the diet of cats & dogs fed Raw food, & preventing urinary tract infections. Many calcium supplements are now being made which make use of eggshell as their main ingredient.

    spara6- Mine have kept in the sealed jar for a while, but with everything, fresh is best, so best to grind small amounts at a time, if possible.

  76. Interested in a response to Steven’s question of May 19th 2o09:

    “Hi Bee, there are two different amounts of elemental calcium in this article. One states 750-800 mgs per eggshell the other…1800 mgs per egg. Why the difference?”

    If the 1800 mg elemental calcium is the true amount, your advice is overdosing people who try your method.


  77. Would it be as effective to mix the eggshell and have them with honey and ground cinnmon

  78. Why the extra work to convert it to calcium citrate? Wasn’t the whole point of the study that the powdered eggshell was effective? If you bonded the calcium to lemon, wouldn’t you lose the benefits of the other nutrients in the shell?

    The reason I ask is because the work/cost involved in grinding up the eggshells is reasonable and something I could use as a supplement. But to have to do a little chemistry every day is a little much, and I know there is no way I could do that every day.

  79. Hello Bee,

    thank you so much for those precious infos.
    I think there is one way to get magnesium naturally it is Nigari.


  80. My question is if you are older and concerned about osteoperosis like I am should I take the egg mixture at a higher dose or will this work if you have osteoperosis. Thank you claire

  81. Hi I got this tip from one pf my clients 3 years ago. I broke my leg 5 years ago and my hand 4 years ago. After that I had a historectomy. I coul’nt walk and went for bone density. I was then 37. I had Osteoperoses in my side of the body where I broke my leg and osteopenie at the side where I broke my hand. The Dr. said I must drink Fosomax. That nearly killed me. I also have one kidney. I started drinking my mixture of eggshell and lemon juice. After one year I went back for my bone tests and it improved with 4% and the other stopped. It did not get worse.

  82. The more I read the more I write. What I normally do is: when I make breakfast. I wash the eggs. Then brake the content in the pan. Take 3 eggs. I then take the shells putt it in a glass cover it with lemon juice. Cover it with glad wrap. Leave outside for a day. After the day if the bubbles stopped I then take the shells out rinse with little lemon juice in a jam jar (every drop is sacret) and chuck the shells away. Then put the rest of the mixture in the jar and put the lid on. Pop the jar in the refrigerator. Every morning first thing best absorbtion, shake the jar and I take a table-spoon of mixture. The same just before bedtime. And that is it. I had my results try it, it works. Don’t stress about the o d and all, it is not poison.

  83. Hope the last time. A woman needs 1 litre of milk PER DAY to get enough calsium. If you are well build and lactose intolerant. And it must be full cream milk mmm… all those cals. Anyway calsium is one of the most difficult minerals to absorb. If your body is lucky then the 1 Litre of milk will provide the calsium you need. If not, well then you atleast got the boob for free.

  84. Ag me again. I have tried real lemons as well as store juice in the bottles. I normally buy a litre of juice at a time. 3 Eggs will go for about 3 days. You will see that shop eggs are not that good you only get a little bit of calsium. So it all depends on the juice and the eggs. I have had juice that does not do the trick. If you are from South Africa Woolworths has a juice that does not work. The best lemon juice in the shop is Checkers house brand. And the best eggs are free range. If you brake the shell and it’s thin then you will know you are not going to get much from that egg. The mixture must taste like lemon juice and you must have a at least half half split between the calsium and juice then you know its cool.
    Good luck

  85. The conversation about food, germs, microwaves, etc is very interesting. I have to say that everyone has a point, but it seems it is based on someone else’s word. Doctors are only practicing medicine, they have not perfected it.

    Having said that, I do find value in medical research. As well as word of mouth. But each person is different and has different needs. Women do not have the same requirements as men, then there are the smokers, drug/alcohol users, etc. Substances change the body’s composition, cells adapt to the substance. My extensive research.

    I am grateful to the different opinions, to the work you have compiled, Bee. I have been searching for natural alternatives to processed foods. The research has reminded me of the early lessons my grandmother and great grandmothers taught. Grandma use to soak egg shells over night, then crush the shells and feed them to the dogs, the water was poured over her plants. Now I know why. She use to also eat her hamburger meat raw, as she did other beef. But those were the days before now….

    I am learning to use the common natural foods to gain better health.

    Thank you for the information. I do appreciate it.

    Blessings abound. Peace be with you.

  86. I absolutely love all these posts.. awesome. has anyone tried to put the powder into gel capsules you can buy from health food shops. It helps avoid the grit thing happening and you can take a dose of vit c for the acid needed.

    Cheers Steph

  87. Hi Bee,
    Love taking eggshell calcium. However I just read an article saying not to eat egg since eggshells are coated with mineral oil since mineral oil reaches inside egg. Should I be concerned? Is there any way that I can safely wash away the mineral oil? Thank you.

  88. Hi Bee
    I am interested in reading the articles you mentioned, by Dutch researchers and people at the Japan Women’s University in Tokyo. I Googled for them unsuccessfully (too many different topics related egg-shells appear) Could you please post the references? Many thanks in advance,

  89. Hi Bee
    I am interested in reading the articles you mentioned, by Dutch researchers and people at the Japan Women’s University in Tokyo. I Googled for them unsuccessfully (too many different topics related egg-shells appear) Could you please post the references? Many thanks in advance,

  90. hi!

    I was wondering if anyone used just eggshell pices (not grinded) and covered with lemon in a jar, instead of a whole egg?
    Does that work as well?


  91. i did heard of this and they said it is very good for bronchial asthma also.i tried 1 dose with 5 eggs +juice of fresh lemons,after 15 days i mixed everything together and drained good thru a cheese cloth. after that i mixed with honey i was takeing 1 shot glass three times a day until was gone. i do feel beter

  92. To clarify the chemistry as I understand it, both vinegar and lemon juice are acids that react with the calcium carbonate in egg shells. Sim[ply put, an acid consists of H+ (hydrogen ion) and the conjugate base (acetate or citrate in this case). The acid in vinegar is acetic acid, the acid in lemon juice is citric acid. So, the acid reacts with Calcium Carbonate, to yield calcium and carbonate. The H+ part of the acid pairs with carbonate and the other part of the acid pairs with the calcium to form Calcium Acetate in the case of Vinegar (acetic acid) or Calcium Citrate in the case of lemon juice (citric acid). These will have different absorption properties, the specifics of which I am not presently aware. Just wanted to clear up the confusion on the calcium chloride comment.

  93. Hi Bee,

    i am very glad to have found your info on eggshells. Would “real lemon” pre-squeezed juice be as effective as fresh? i know it lacks and has been pasteurized for my “safety” but it is all i have right now.

  94. 94. Kevin in Australia
    Nov 22nd, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Im going to try this. to clean the outside of the shell,im going to use 10% H202. Im lucky,I can get really good free range eggs that i eat raw…and I have NEVER had a problem.Will try the lemon juice also.Anyone who says that microwave ovens are safe needs to research this. They are DANGEROUS.Ive seen photos of plants watered with microwaved water. In 10 days,the plant is dead !

  95. 95. Steven T Mayer
    Dec 17th, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    I have boiled egg whites most mornings. For the past 6 months or so I have been eating 1/4 to 1/2 of one of the egg’s shell and wondered if there was a nutritional benefit. You seem to have answered my question. Thanks!

  96. I make eggshell powder as per directions in a book by Dr. Pitcairn, a homeopathic vet. After the eggshells have been drying out I put them in the oven for 10 minutes. Then I pulverize them into a powder. Would this eggshell preparation be suitable for a person as well? Also, if all my meals include magnesium-rich foods, then would I really need to take a magnesium supplement with the eggshell powder?

  97. I make eggshell powder as per directions in a book by Dr. Pitcairn, a homeopathic vet. After the eggshells have been drying out I put them in the oven for 10 minutes. Then I pulverize them into a powder. Would this eggshell preparation be suitable for a person as well? Also, if all my meals include magnesium-rich foods, then would I really need to take a magnesium supplement with the eggshell powder?

  98. With respect to eggshells in lemon juice, there are two interesting questions:
    1. Brown egg makes the lemon juice brown at the top. Should this brown part be removed or used?
    2. How to use the membrane?

  99. hi bee,
    thanks for helping me out! i knew that egg shells could be used and you have proved my theory!
    thanks again,

  100. Hello,
    This has been an eye-opening read! After many health problems, as well as weight issues ever since I had my first child (2004) and I can only lose this weight thru the ‘meal replacement’ shakes. We decided that we were going to change our lifestyle and way of eating especially - that is what started my many hours of (continuing) research on food, nutrition and wellness.

    I am just blown away that I can make a bio-available source of calcium that can be created in my own home, that is cheap, easy and natural. Because of this one post, I think you will find my comments all over your sites, Bee ;-P

    I am learning, we are taking small babysteps to change - it was our first week of shopping that has no processed food in it - though we are no where close to illiminating white flour, sugar etc. Especially with our financial constraints, as well as young children who are already picky enough as it is about their food, I believe that this slow approach is the best for us, although our goal is very similar to all your own.

    Thank you for such great information, I look forward to reading more from you!

    Warmest regards,

  101. I use the above egg shell recipe to supplement my dog’s raw diet with calcium. I have always used only raw egg shells, but I was wondering if it would be ok to use shells from boiled eggs (boiled 11 minutes) or steamed eggs?

  102. hello sir good afternoon.
    Its nice to here about egg shells. But I heard that egg shells absorbs carbon dioxide about 10 times their weight is it true?

  103. What about using crushed eggshells in coffee grounds? I heard that it improves the flavor. Will you still get the calcium benefits? How do I clean them so I don’t have to worry about salmonella? I heard that boiling for 10 minutes would be ok, also heard that baking (at what temperature) for 10 is good too.

  104. Would it be possible to get any calicum by hardboiling the eggs and drinking the water? Do you think any of the nutrients would leak out of the shells and into the water? (like when boiling vegetables?) I started using my “egg water” for tea. It has no flavor whatsoever and I was wondering if there were any health benefits.

  105. I read an article about using eggshells to re-mineralize your teeth to fill cavities. You basically take a whole eggshell in one day, then swish with comfrey from boiled roots/leaves to draw calcium to the teeth. Comfrey is also known as “knit bone” and does miraculous things if used correctly. I think taking phosphate is a good idea too, there’s an article by a chemist that phosphate also helps remineralize teeth while taking calcium supplements. They recommended BOILING the eggshells for five minutes. I did that and dried them in the oven at 250 degrees for about 45 minutes, just check until dry. The lemon juice idea sounds great and will try that.

    I keep seeing some say they DRINK MILK FOR CALCIUM, well I’ve also read that this is a VERY POOR WAY TO GET CALCIUM, you get very little calcium from milk. Not to mention that commercial milk is just plain garbage unfit for any living thing. Also, I would highly recommend AGAINST using COMMERCIAL egg shells. Go with ORGANIC, free range chicken eggs. Commercial eggs are bad for humans, period. I also noted there is now 2 companies I found selling eggshell calcium with magnesium and vitamin D. Somewhere in all my googling around one thing I read is that magnesium doesn’t help calcium absorption, you might want to check on that one too.

  106. Hello!

    Thanks for the awesome article here. I was curious to be sure i was understanding the proportions properly for the amount of lemon juice with the eggshells. I should take 1/2 of a lemon and squeeze the juice over 1/2 a teaspoon of powdered eggs? what if i wanted to do a larger portion, like 3 or four egg shells or let’s say 3-4 teaspoons of powdered eggshells would i then need 3-4 lemons?

  107. Hello!

    Thanks for the awesome article here. I was curious to be sure i was understanding the proportions properly for the amount of lemon juice with the eggshells. I should take 1/2 of a lemon and squeeze the juice over 1/2 a teaspoon of powdered eggs? what if i wanted to do a larger portion, like 3 or four egg shells or let’s say 3-4 teaspoons of powdered eggshells would i then need 3-4 lemons? forgive my ignorance but i want to be sure i mix this properly. =D Thx and God bless you guys!

  108. 108. Stelyo Kritikos
    Aug 29th, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Hello!thank you for the useful and interesting knowledge.I use to produce crab-shell powder to take the calcium-salts that are contained within it to use it as anticancer agent for a dear relative of mine that suffered from the disease.I made the powder using a cofee grinding device.I found in bibliography that in order for a particle to be absorbed by the intestinal mucosa ,its diameter must be within the range 500 nm to 50 nm.I suppose the fact that the egg-shell calcium manufactured the way you describe it, is absorbed by the organism then the coffee grinding device is producing particles within the range mentioned above.Please confirm.Also the electric charge distribution and nature of it (positive/ negative) of the produced particles may be help or impede the absorption.I need your opinion!Greetings

  109. 109. Pujara M.M.
    Sep 4th, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    I want to know egg shell powder can be given to animals buffaloes,cows etc as a dietary feed supplement or not.
    Article is the best one & i was searching same for about six months

  110. I don’t think coffee grinders can grind to the small size you mentioned. I used the small electric ones commonly sold and the eggshell was real gritty even as a fine powder. I abandoned the egg shell idea for the reason that I’m 61 and people in my age range don’t have good stomach acid plus I have a real sensitive colon pouring “sand” into my colon that may not digest well seemed like a recipe for disaster. I am using Rainbow Light’s food based calcium tablets instead, they get good reviews, aren’t gritty like my homemade eggshell powder, so its safer for me. The acid/lemon juice idea is a much better idea in my opinion but I don’t tolerate acidic solutions well, though some apple cider vinegar is ok for me, maybe I’ll soak my powder in some, but then you don’t know how much you are actually absorbing; taking too much calcium is not a good idea, with the tablets at least I know exactly how much I’m using…..

  111. Hi Bee,

    I’m trying to build my bones/teeth/tooth enamel,

    I’m wondering whether the lemon juice will not dissolve the tooth enamel. Perhaps the egg shells in it prevent this? I know I should stay away from acid foods - talking from experience - as it really dissolves my tooth enamel.

    Kind regards,


  112. Hi,

    I was actually researching how to give our free range hens some calcium and came across this site. I mentioned the lemon to my husband and so I have an egg sitting in lemon juice as I type - sort of my scientific experiment.

    Our chickens have just started laying and the egg shells are very thin. They get oats only and have access to sand. They roam acres and eat grasses, flowers, bugs and all sort of things I wouldn’t put in my mouth. I am curious if anyone knows if when they start laying eggs - whether the shells get thicker over time?

    We are raising organic eggs because our dogs are allergic to a wide range of things including Corn, Alfalfa, one is allergic to Beef, Chicken, turkey, etc. (which typically eat corn and alfalfa), Their protein source is fish but I like giving them eggs scrambled with olive oil - they seem to really like it. Once the hens actually produce better eggs, we will start giving them the eggs and using the shell for calcium.

    I have to mention something pretty interesting - when we were purchasing “organic - free range” eggs at the grocery store, I believed they were exactly that. Once I opened the cardboard carton at home - on the inside there was a note that their “free range” chickens were free in the barn - hmmm, that seems like a bit of a lie on the package. So if there’s say a thousand jammed into a small barn, I guess they would still consider that free range and healthy organic chickens. Needless to say, that was exactly what drove me to getting our own chickens because at $5.99 for 12 little eggs with that title, I would rather know what ours eat and the fact that they are really roaming and eating grasses. We have four hens and I am guessing we will have more eggs than we can consume. Before all the salmonella scare, I would have gladly given any extra eggs to neighbors, now to protect us I am thinking I will just put them in the compost pile.

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