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Gallbladder Disease

By Sally Fallon

Question: I have Gall Bladder disease. How would you support healing with food? Most people are told never to eat fat again, especially after surgery. - Natalia

Answer: You can and should eat the right kind of fats, even if you have your gall bladder out–you still need the benefits of saturated fat and the vitamins that these fats contain.  A lowfat diet will cause the gall bladder to atrophy and a diet of the wrong fats (trans and commerical vegetable oils) will cause the gall bladder to be inflamed. Remember that the gall bladder is only a storage place. Even if you have had your gall bladder taken out, your liver will still make bile. It may be helpful to eat your meals at very regular intervals so the liver gets used to releasing bile at these times. You can also take an ox bile tablet with meals to aid in fat digestion.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine patients with disorders of any organ are told to eat that organ. Since it’s difficult to find gall bladders in your local butcher, try organic lambs fry, which is the liver. The B Vitamins, Vitamin A, Protein and minerals will aid in healing. Also very bitter vegetables and herbs like rocket are good for healing the liver/gallbladder. - Ed

Sally Fallon is founding president of the Weston A Price Foundation, a non-profit nutrition education foundation with over 400 local chapters and 9000 members. She is also the founder of A Campaign for Real Milk, which has as its goal universal access to clean raw milk from pasture-fed animals. Author of the best-selling cookbook Nourishing Traditions and also of Eat Fat Lose Fat (Penguin), both with Mary G. Enig, Phd, Sally has a encyclopedic knowledge of modern nutritional science as well as ancient food ways. Her grasp on the work of Weston Price is breath taking and her passion for health freedom, inspiring. In each edition of Nourished Magazine Sally answers your questions about nutrition, health, food and medical politics. Send us an email with your question and we'll put it to her.

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COMMENTS - 38 Responses

  1. My mom has gall bladder disease and she can’t have fatty foods,spicy foods,caffeine,chocolate,peppermint,or alcahol and she needs a list of food that she can eat

  2. Sure avoid foods cooked in vegetable oils. Spicy foods are not necessary for health but animal fats are. I would agree that caffeine including chocolate are a no go as is alcohol. I don’t know about peppermint. I would add refined sugar to the list of don’ts too.
    What she can eat is outlined in the Weston Price Foundations recommended Characteristics of traditional foods.

  3. My Quack, sorry, Doctor told me to have my gall bladder taken out, but I instead did some internet research and my intuition told me to go on a low fat diet, no cream, no cheese, no SATURATED fats and only whole meal bread, pasta and whole grain rice.

    One year now without pain.

  4. I’ve had my gallbladder out, there has been some reserach that people having intestinal surgery (including gall bladder removal) can show signs of vitamin A deficiency years later. So try to avoid having it removed if you can. Actually my gallbladder problems started after I went on an allergy elmination diet where the only fat I could eat was sunflower or safflower oil!

    Anyway you can still get stones in your liver after your gallbladder has been removed. I recommend lots of beetroot including beet kvass daily to remove gallstones. I passed several stones (and that’s years after having my gallbladder out) after having beetroot juice daily for a few weeks..

  5. The problem with this solution is that you could end up losing something else. . . like part of your small intestine. This kind of diet is really deficient in nutrients and very difficult to digest. As an alternative, I’d suggest that you introduce fats slowly and supplement with ox bile at meals and also consume lacto-fermented foods, which help the body digest fats.

  6. Can anyone tell me where I can obtain ox bile in Australia? I had my gallbladder out years ago and would like to eat more of the good fats. Thanks.

  7. Hi, As a nutritionist, I prescribe oxbile in a fomulation with pancreatic enzymes and hydrochloric acid. Unfortunately, this is a ‘practitioner only’ product so must be prescribed by a therapist. Have a chat to yours and see if they can obtain it.

  8. I had my gall bladder removed when I was 20 years of age. Now at the age of 53 I am having digestion problems and intestinal cramps. Does anyone know if these symptoms are related to not having a gall bladder? I was never told to go on any special diet or eliminate certain foods. I am taking Lecithen at the moment, I am not overweight and have a fairly balanced diet.

  9. I think it’s the other way around, cut out the saturated fat now, and maybe like me, you can evade surgery. Two years now without an attack and the only thing I do differently is not have saturated fats. Especially my double helpings of cream on cakes etc. That’s it, just cut out the saturated fat, maybe it will work for you as well. Of course my orthodox doctor scoffed at the idea and put it down to coincidence. He wanted to book me in for surgery on the first visit, without even asking anything about my diet.

    Who are the real quacks and charlatans?

  10. Avoiding fats will momentarily stop your symptoms but the nutrients you miss out on are the very ones you need to heal the inflammation and rebuild the body in the long run. Gail, might I suggest you contact one of the practitioners on the Nourished MarketPlace.

  11. I said cut out or at least down on saturated fats, not all fats. I also said that I’ve been attack free for two years having gone ,ore vegan than eating dairy fats.

  12. Hello

    I’ve just had my 2nd attack now. I’m 48. Just been diagnosed that some blood readings probably suggest I have an inflamed gall bladder. Dogray I’m interested in the way you have suggested to go forward. What food have you specifically cut out? What have you taken up?

    I’m a big lover of chocolates, mocha coffee and biscuits. Any particular substitutions or what levels each day have you reduced to? Thanks.

  13. Hi Peter,

    I’d try to see if full cream milk chocolate is carrying too much saturated fat for a start, which I’m fairly sure it will.

    Don’t worry, you’ll stop missing these treats after a very short time, I used to love Tira Mi Su, and I’d even have second helpings of cream with it, I think that was the main cause of my attacks, also cream sauces on pasta etc. Try cutting out all dairy for awhile and see if you still get the attacks. I have been veg for 22 years and my diet consists mostly of soy products as replacements for dairy.

    I had a little search for you and found this interesting article. I think everyone on this post should read it

    Don’t believe doctors who want to rush into the first spot in the operating theatre, as I said before, my doctor didn’t even ask me about my diet, he just said go and get your gall bladder removed, as a 1st option, rather than the last, just as well I didn’t listen to this quack. Medical doctors are rubbish, go and see an alternative therapist like a naturopath if the low fat diet doesn’t work. An MD should be your last resort as far as I’m concerned. Get on the internet and educate yourself about the gall bladder before visiting a doctor, you will probably know more than they do by the time you do your research, because you can sure they won’t bother, they are so smug in their orthodoxy that they act as if they are the last word in health, which is totally untrue. How many doctors do you think would suggest a totally meat free diet, I’ve been veg for 22 years and I’m in peak health, I live a life that is more like someone 25 year my junior.

    If they look like a quack, sound like a quack and speak like a quack, then guess what, they probably are a quack.

    A chiropractor saved me from a back operation and becoming dependent on the pain relieving pills that a quack was prescribing. The internet saved me from having my gall bladder removed that a quack advised. A naturopath saved me from becoming addicted to anti-depression medication handed out like candy by an MD, whereas the naturopath rightly saw that I had a vit B deficiency which was effecting my nervous system. Sure, if you must, get an opinion from an MD, but don’t stop there, as there are other sciences outside or the orthodox approaches, that aren’t stuck in the mud.

    Thank god I listened to my intuition and not these quacks. Good luck. Let me know how you get on. Also have a look at for relaxation, as stress is a factor as well.

  14. My first of hundreds of gallbladder attacks was when I was 17 and weighed 43 kilo (am now 50 and weigh 60 kilo), it was suggested I have an op but I hated hospitals so did not, did not eat fatty or spicy food so diet did not help. At 25 I collapsed in pain and had my Gall bladder removed, now have a scar about 7 inches long but have never regretted having it out. It did take time after the op to work out what I could eat and not eat and the only thing I could not tolerate is sugar and mushrooms, But now I have an stomach Ulcer so back to working out what I can not eat.
    I know several people that had key hole surgery to remove stones and all have had trouble later for a long time, glad key hole was not around when I had mine done.

  15. Thank you for all your comments, it’s seems fats and sugars are a problem without a gall bladder. Like you Julie, I had the operation the old way and also have a 7 inch scar. I’ve started to cut back on all saturated fats and I’ve also cut down on my fruit intake. I’m a big fruit eater and read in the local Sunday paper that certain fruits have to much fructose and can be very difficult to digest. Out goes the apples. I eat lots of green vegetables and also found out that green beans and asparugas have heaps of fructose. So far so good.

  16. Hi Julie,

    Saturated fats can come in the form of sweets as well, chocolate, sugary things that turn to fat if not used up quickly like an athlete.

    Anyone reading Julie’s post, my advice would be to at least experiment with your diet before going under the quack’s knife.

    Let me give you an example of how these imbeciles running around with their trusty scalpels think.

    A committed vegetarian friend of mine went to a doctor and he did some tests and found she was lacking in Iron, so he told her straight away to start eating meat. This is the level of these charlatans imagination, and they have conned us into believing everything they say is gospel. How? by having a huge association of members paying their dues, most of whiuch is used to scare the hell out of us into visiting them every time we sneeze. They bleed us dry through the high cost of medical bills and insurance that comes from these high costs. They are usually quite smug and set in their ways (orthodox ways that is) and have no ability of thinking outside the squares.

    OK, so here is what he could have done, he could have helped my friend find a balanced diet that was still veg but one that would increase her iron intake.

    Could he bothered, of course not, but I bet if she went to a naturopath, they would have had a lengthy chat about her diet and advised her on how to experiment and try to find more iron without having to go against her beliefs about cruelty and torture of animals, but like me and you, she too was brainwashed by constant media hype propagated by a sea of lobbyists hired by the AMA to convince us that these quacks are demi-gods and that we are lucky to have them.

    My grandmother’s remedies were much more accurate than the hit-rate I’ve had with quacks over the years.

    Things like, rub salt into mouth sores and also into mosquito bites, simple.

    Go veg and go alternative.

    For gall-bladder problems, experiment with spicy, sugary and saturated fat food groups, or any other foods that are hard to break down, like white carbs, try to stick to wholegrain everything. It’s your life, so take some responsibility for it. If I hear one more person say, “Oh, but I love the taste of cream and cheese, and chocolates, and white bread and fatty sausages, Big Mucks and dead rotting animal corpses” I think I will scream. Take your life back, and look outside of orthodoxy, we now have the internet, use it. Get back to real foods.

  17. Hi Dogray, sorry if you thought I meant go under the knife at first suggestion, that I believe is a last resort (as it was with me, 8 years after they told me to have the op). I shuffled foods around and found what was causing attacks and avoided them, that worked pretty good for a long time also found what one person could not eat another could eat it without the problems. But once the problem became to much and I collapsed I was not impressed having to go under the knife (back then key hole was not an option). Going on friends and family that have had the keyhole op to remove the stones, I am glad I have the huge scar as I have had less problems later, although it did take a couple of years to find what foods were best for me after the op and they were sugary things as in sweets, chocolate and sugar in tea or coffee. I now only have a sugar burst if my blood sugar levels drop, red meat is another I can not tollerate very well (no loss as I did not eat it much before) .
    I am not vegetarian, just don’t like meat, and feel every one should eat what is right for them and in moderation, I do still prefer my food as we had it as kids back in Tas, fresh picked from the garden or orchards and the meat we did have was from our own farm.
    100% agree ..experiment first before taking to the knife or believing a quack first up …I did for 8 years, and am again experimenting with alternative remidies for other wealth issues …the knife is last resort.

  18. hello every one, i have been reading this page. I am 21 and i have gall blader disease. I get very strong chest pains, to the point where i cant breathe and i feel faint. These symptoms went away when i got pregnant with my son. but after i had him they started again. Every one keeps telling me including the doctor to get it removed. I seen that some people wrote they have problems with it years after its been taken out. Im not really sure if i should go on with the laparoscopy. SOME one please help!!

  19. Hi Mimi,

    All I can say from my point of view is to experiment with your food intake, cut down on saturated fats, like, dairy, cream, cheese, milk, also fatty meat and fish, and especially coconut milk, it’s full of it.

    I think Julie’s advice to not cut it out atogether is good, as you need some saturated fat, not much, but try to give it all the flick for a week or so to give the gall bladder a rest.

    Oh, also cut out butter, white flour and sugar. It’s worth it, beleive me, you’ll feel a lot better for it.

    That’s the best I can offer, since I cut these things out and added them back in very small quantities, I’ve had no more attacks for over two years.

    I wish you good luck Mimi.

  20. Hi Mimi,
    I know it is hard to not think “just cut it out of me ” while having an attack but you will be better to try the food experiment first. I found dropping all the bad food (the normal ones know to cause attack) for a couple of weeks then introducing one at a time slowly and in small amounts, you will soon find if it will affect you. My mother found a simple veg like cabbage was a trigger for her, I was fine with it she also could not eat peas after she had the op.
    It has been 25 years since I had the op and now am back at the doctors with the same pain, without the gallbladder bile will go straight to the stomach and cause the same pain all over again, so my love of curry and satay are out the window again.
    Try the blander food and no dairy. Oh I also found that having very small meals or rather than the 3 meal a day system ….have smaller amounts spread out through the day helped.
    It can be all trial and error for a while but hope you have success fast with diet. One other thing and this could be the almost impossible (was for me) stress less, hard to do with a young baby, please don’t swear at me for that one …young babies and stress seem to come hand in hand.
    Good luck Mimi, hope all goes well

  21. Hi Mimi,
    Yes, I agree with Julie that it’s best to have smaller meals, think how nice it will be to get back into that prom dress.

    The diet of the United States is laughed at all over the world, start to turn iit around, revolutions are started with one person, look at Ghandi, he got the evil British out of India after hundreds of years, John Lennon stopped the VietNam war with his peace movement, Ralph Nader gave people consumer rights for the first time in the history of the US.

    Keep away from Big Muks, Kentucky Fried Cruelty, Taco Billious, Starschmucks etc etc, get into some real food instead. No more white flour, no more white rice, no more white pasta, if you go to a restaurant that doesn’t have wholemeal pasta on the menu, take some with you and discretely ask the chef to use it for you instead. Grow some sprouts at home, mung beans are extremely cheap and tasty, you can grow them very easily and they are packed with goodness. Google “growing sprouts at home”.

    Here’s a secret, like a bad haircut, which only takes a week to get used to and then it looks OK, it’s the same with food, after a week or two, you won’t miss all the other junk and gunk food, you will start to get a required taste for the healthier stuff and your palate taste buds will adjust to the new flavors.

    Oh, also, go easy on the spices, no need to cut them out, but don’t over do it. Don’t worry, it’s not boring, I actually appreciate my food much more than when I used to eat junk food. I can really taste the subtleties now. In fact, I don’t even need rich sauces to disguise the blandness, as the food has so much natural flavor in it.

    Don’t believe the US orthodox medical fraternity, they have all been trained to think “cut and dice and throw away”, rather than cure and prevention in the first place. Go to naturopaths for second opinions, not another doctor. Doctors have been brainwashed by drug companies, they have in many cases even been bought by them.

    Remember, that everything you read in the mainstream media in the US is spin, don’t believe anything you read or hear until you have done your own research, the spin doctors are paid to brainwash you, and they get paid good money, because they spent years at Harvard learning how your mind ticks, so that they could better manipulate you. And it works, that’s why these people are paid huge amounts of money, because it works. One of the biggest employers of spin doctors is the meat and dairy industries, also the AMA, be very careful what you believe before getting, not just a second opinion, but an alternative opinion.

    For example, if you wanted to get a different opinion on the Republican party platform, you wouldn’t ask a Republican and then go and ask another Republican, you would ask a Democrat and then weigh the two sides up. If you were really smart, you would get 4 or even 5 alternative opinions, very easy to do with the internet these days.

    Let us know how you get on Mimi.

  22. Thanks for the advice everyone, i will try cutting out on the foods that i know have caused the problem, which will be almost impossible, And yes Julie kids and stress do come hand in hand especially when you have a 2 year old and a 3 month old. So thanks again for all the advice.

  23. I was told to have my gall bladder out and that was over 12 years ago. Cutting out fat isn’t really the answer, well it wasn’t for me. I found that sugar was actually the trigger, I had the most painful attacks after parties, etc when I had a lot of sweets and soft drinks. I eat a lot of coconut oil and good saturated fats and it’s never caused me a problem. I found the explanation of why you get gall stones on the Weston Price Foundation website made a lot of sense to me. I got the gallstones after I lost a lot of weight quickly by using a very low fat diet. Try what Sally Fallon suggested at the beginning of this thread. It may just work for you.

  24. Hello, I’ve had numerous amounts of test done and after having a Hida scan done found out that my gallbladder was not functioning properly. The surgeon that I spoke with advised me that it was bad enough to where I had to get it removed if I didnt want too. But I have really bad nausea, not so much as pain. I didnt hear anyone talking about nausea? Will the diet help with that. Right now I been taking pheneragan as needed, and I do still have my gallbladder. Please help

  25. Correction, the surgeon advised me that my gallbladder was NOT bad enough to where I needed to have it removed. sorry

  26. Hi, I was diagnosed with Gall Bladder problems in 1988. I still have my Gall bladder. My doctor advised me, learn what not to eat and keep your gall bladder, or keep eating what your doing and I will have to take it out. Fair comment. I learnt very very quickly what not to eat. 20 years and I have only had 3 or 4 attacks since.
    I changed my diet to low fat, that is, skim milk, 97% fat free items (occasionally - I mean occasionally) and I still have good fats, such as olive oil - use sparingly to cook, advocado with salads or taco’s - 1/4 only at any time.
    My gall bladder does not work, if I go beyond this level of eating, then I get terrible gastric pains and loose bowels, not very nice.
    I eat wholegrains, wholemeal, lots of fruit, vegetables, salad. Basmati or Doongara rice, pasta or noodles with each meal.
    I have been diagnosed as diabetic (type 2), I am diet controlled and must that what has been said before above, you really do lose the craving for junk food and takeaways.
    I eat only small amounts of meat, chicken or fish, less than 1/2 palm size at any meal. Lots of vegs, salad. I find Rye Bread great for my diabetes at lunch time.
    You can control your fate of your gall bladder, remember the motto “you ARE what you eat” it is so true.

  27. Thank you for having this site. I am having non stop attacks and am making a list of foods not to eat. I have been hunting for a list of foods that I Can eat. I am finding that breads of any type cause extreme gas pains then I am into a very painful gall bladder attack. I am at a loss as to what to eat and afraid to eat anything. Meatloaf worked for me with no reaction. ;-)

  28. Wow! What a helpful site :)
    I am at the end of my second gallbladder attack in 2 years. The first time was atrocious - never had so much pain and would have rather given birth! After 3 weeks of agony the doctors finally found that I was one of those 1 in 20 cases who have acalculous cholecystitis (no stones) and basically the walls of my gallbladder were distended and inflamed. Ultrasound did not show anything and a CT scan was needed to diagnose my problem.
    Now that this has happened a second time I am taking the universe’s hint and monitoring my eating habits. I have cut out all full fat products and am concentrating on healthy food intake including fruits and nuts, skim milks. All cheeses and high fat products are out :( but I would rather that than having to go under the knife. I have cut back on my coffee (used to drink an absurd amount) and replaced it with good old-fashioned water.
    During both attacks the Dr wanted to send me for surgery but being a bit of a nature gal and also a bit of a chicken I insisted to my Dr that I wanted to try to manage the problem through diet. So far so good.

  29. I’m almost 23, my daughter is 7 months old now and I had a scan last week which showed my Gall bladder has collapsed and I have a some small stones. Most of my family’s views are that if its not working it may aswell come out…I’m discussing the scan results with my doctor on Wednesday so I will know more then. I’ve lost alot of weight, my BMI is now 17.8, I’ve only vomited twice and that was on my second attack. (First attack was about 5 weeks after having my daughter) Had really bad fever too. Two courses of antibiotics (Amoxicillin), Buccastem tablets and Rantidine tablets stopped the pains and sickness. From reading the comments above it sounds like nobody else has suffered from weight loss? I bought some wholemeal pasta and whole grain rice today hopefully that should bulk me up abit.
    I had a small attack the night I had the scan, after having reading this page I’m putting that one down to the Saussage and egg McMuffin I ate on the way home.
    The more you can’t have something, the more you want it. Finding it a nightmare in the supermarket!
    Cheers, Kirsty.

  30. Something from this thread isn’t completely clear. I have gallbladder disease, but there definitely is a gall stone there. If you already have a gallstone, can those be taken care of by diet as well? Is there a point of no return? The ER doc said I have sludge and a sizeable gallstone, but my gallbladder is not infected - which is good.

    I will be going to a specialist this week, and I want to be prepared with talking points to weigh the good and bad. I think I can be dedicated enough to fix my diet, but unsure how gallstones are treated.

    Also - milk. I am fine drinking skim milk, but should I be avoiding that too? I’m concerned about my calcium intake if I remove milk from my diet.

  31. I am scheduled to have my gall bladder taken out February 18, 2009. I do not have stones. My gall bladder is functioning at 7%. I have very little pain but nauseated most of the time. I can eat pizza and wings with no problem. Bakery items bother me more. I do not want to change my eating habits. I love burgers and fries. I am struggling on if to have the surgery or not. I go weeks with no symptoms then feel sick for a couple days. I usually never vomit, but feel like it. I do exercise and go to a chiropractor twice a month to be adjusted. He, of course is against the surgery. My family and co-workers think I am crazy not to have it out. Of the dozen or so people I have talked to that have had theirs out, only one has had problems. The rest highly recommend it. Anyone out there have a comment to this. One of my biggest fears of not having it out is, it getting very sick and I end up in the ER, not being able to have it done “key hole” and not knowing my physician.

  32. Amy,
    Your story sounds like mine. I ended up in the ER one late night, having to have my gallbladder removed (keyhole surgery thankfully), and didn’t know my physician. I used to get terrible (painful attacks) and then the attacks started to be just the nausea without the pain, but it was an unbearable and uncomfortable type of nausea that was very different to regular nausea, and it could last days. The nausea was happening because my gallbladder wasn’t functioning well and it was found to be gangrene when it was removed (this doesn’t show on the ultrasounds). Gall stones can also get stuck in the bile duct (life threatening). Some gallbladders get whipped out for no good reason at all other than to prevent more stones or remove stones, whereas others really do need to come out. 7% function sounds quite serious, so if your specialist recommends the surgery, you should consider it carefully and possibly get a second opinion for peace of mind. On a lighter note, the surgery was a breeze (very little pain) and I’ve had no problems after my surgery. I also didn’t need the Ox Bile Sally mentions above to help digest fats, I purchased it and it actually had the opposite effect intended. I can eat all the good fats with no problem, coconut oil being my favourite for reasons explained by Bruce Fife in his coconut books.
    Good luck Amy.

  33. Hi everyone!
    I have gallstones and discovered it during an attack when my daughter turned 2. I had nothing in my gallbladder before pregnancy so i was really surprized. And, of course, didn’t want it out (the doctors at the ER insisted but i’ve managed to go home with my stones). Then, my gastroenterologist said that at my age (then 30) if the gallbladder works and there are not so much off stones and they are small + if i get not more than 1 attack a year - there’s the way to monitor them having a sonogram twice a year, keeping diet and wait for several years with the surgery.
    There are special medical diets in Russia which doctors prescribe for different diseases. It depends on the organ which has problems. So I found that diet (for the gallbladder stone disease), followed it and was good for a year up until we celebrated my mom’s birthday and i ate too much of baked salmon. But it was within a “one attack a year”.
    The diet consists of non-fatty foods. No fried, no baked, no marinated vegetables (like pickles, ginger), no fresh bread (u can have 2-4 little Melba toasts), no fresh onion (garlic is ok as it regulates the bile flow but onion i NO). No pizza, cheeses, egg yolks and anything which makes your cholesterol grow. I eat veal, chicken, low fat kinds of fish (salmon is one of the high fat). I either bake them wrapped in foil or boil with peppercorns, bayleaves, 1-2 garlic cloves and a little salt. And of course - oatmeal is like a gold for you. The more “old fashioned” or “steel-cut” it is - the better. The same goes about the buckwheat and brown rice.
    No coffee, no chocolate, tea - brewed light.
    Someone mentioned mint - i don’t know why it affects in a bad way as mint has the ability to make the bile thinner.

    What i also do is what my relative got as an advise from the russian doctor for the same problem (gall stones). You should start your day with a cup (8oz) of warm water + 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

    There’s also a lemon treatment system if your stomach acidity allows: 50 days - 1 lemon a day… before going to bed cut the lemon in half, place into the mug and pour 7 oz of boiling water over it, cover and go sleep. In the morning squeeze the juice out of lemon halves into the water in the mug, add 1-2 oz of boiling water so the drink will be warmer than your body temperature and drink it. This has to be drank on an empty stomach.
    It cleans up the liver and makes the bile more balanced, normalizes the bile flow and some people say that they managed to reduce their stones’ size.

    Re: avocados. I’ve found that here. in the USA, there’s a naturopathic so-called “AAA diet” - which means Avocado, Asparagus, Artichokes (NOT marinated) and means that you have to eat a little of each daily.

  34. I’ve been reading the previous posts with interest, as I suspect I may have gallbladder problems. I’ve experienced heartburn for years which is relieved immediately with antacids, but lately I’ve been ‘burping’ quite a lot as well, and have noticed that I get a twinge in the right side when I eat oranges and also sometimes with bananas. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I know I should go to a doctor but dread all the tests and do not want to have an operation unless it is absolutely necessary, so am first going to try some of the good advice I’ve found here with regard to diet.

  35. There’s a proven way to flush out gallstones- lemon juice/apple juice & olive oil.

  36. I don’t understand why you folks that are gun-ho for low fat diets are on this website. There are plenty of websites that cater to your beliefs. Not trying to be ugly, but I came here for advice on the opposite spectrum of what you all are touting and I have to wade to posts that are totally unrelated.

  37. I had a severe gallbladder attack when I was only 20 (am 53 now) and thought I was going to die it was so painful. A chiropractor told me to eat only fresh grapefruit as well as drink fresh grapefruit juice all day long, and then drink a small bottle of olive oil that night. (Yuck!) I did an enema, and then laid on my right side and went to bed. Around midnight I started passing stones, some as big as my thumb. This went on for several hours. Although I was very weak for several days, I was completely cured. I did the gallbladder flush a couple of more times in my early 20’s just for good measure, and only passed a few tiny stones. My husband and several friends also did it, and they too passed gallstones. I was willing to do this because my cousin had died from gallbladder surgery only a few months before; she was 20 as well. If I had gone to a medical doctor they would have yanked my gallbladder and I would have had digestion problems the rest of my life. I’m so grateful that I had a knowledgeable wholistic practitioner guide me down another, more reasonable path.

  38. Ok. I had a gallbladder attack about a year and a half ago, was hospitalized and was basically told my insurance wouldn’t pay to have it removed (although it paid for 5 different types of scans, the Hida scan was obviously the only one that picked up the gallbladder at 35% function).
    Anyway, so after I got out I did some research on Google and I can’t find the website anymore but I will say this: I haven’t had an attack since, but I have cut out fast food completely..I think sometimes the fry oil they use effects me, like if its been awhile since they cleaned out the fryers and oil. Coconut milk is also an issue as well as whole milk for me. I will say that making sure I either have a cup of yogurt or an apple (or apple juice) a day does wonders. An apple a day really does work. I’ve read in several sources that apple cider vinegar mixed with some apple juice (not much, just a splash of it) works miraculously. I will also say that cabbage also really hurts my gall bladder, not sure why but I read its bad for you when you have those problems. With this regiment I can still have CLEAN fried foods, fried chicken and spicy foods are still good to go.
    Anyway I hope this helps people that feel like the doctors provide no real solid answers without a knife in their hand. Antacids DO NOT WORK long term, heartburn meds never worked for me when I felt an attack coming on and trust me I know the pain, it is a ball up in a fetal position type of pain. A little bit of apple cider vinegar mixed with apple juice and some yogurt to cool my stomach is ALL I do. I don’t miss the fast food (didn’t eat it that much anyway) and whole milk, the only thing I miss is steamed cabbage.


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