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Forgotten tooth decay cure : heal your cavities and prevent root canals

By Rami Nagel

It is not true that dental treatments and fluoride are the only ways to heal your teeth from cavities.

Using nutrition, Dr. Weston A. Price reduced the rate of tooth decay 250 times in seventeen individuals who had severe tooth decay. In this group, approximately half of all teeth had been affected by decay prior to Price’s nutritional program. After the program, only two new cavities formed within a three year time period putting the rate of reoccurance at 0.4%. 1

No longer should we accept dental surgery or the dangerous chemical fluoride as our only hope and solution for tooth decay. My book, “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition”, describes another way to heal teeth that flies in the face of the medical dogma that believes in disease and suffering.

I began investigating tooth decay, and health in general, because my own daughter was afflicted with tooth decay at the age of one. Children’s tooth decay is commonly referred to as “Baby Bottle Mouth” because it is supposed to happen when children drink fruit juices from bottles. My daughter did not eat sweets frequently, never had fruit juice, was breastfed regularly, and has almost never eaten any type of processed foods, which are known to be harmful and decay promoting.

Weston Price documented how our modern nutrition program is a primary cause of disease and tooth decay. The theory that tooth decay is caused by germs and bacteria is outdated and it does not hold water. The reason is that germs do not like to eat nutrient devoid foods. Germs and bacteria need sustenance just like we do. So when the dental associations say that germs cause tooth decay by eating certain foods and producing acid, it is unreasonable to believe since germs cannot eat devitalized foods like white sugar and white flour - the foods that we know cause tooth decay.

Weston Price was widely respected in his time, and frequently published in many dental journals, including several articles in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Why have his wise words been forgotten, and what did he teach us?

Three Important Food Factors

Dr. Price documented that both water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins are missing from our modern diets. Of particular note, is the near complete absence of fat-soluble vitamins in our modern diet. Without eating those special foods, and it does not have to be large amounts of them, but frequently, and enough to fulfill your bodies needs, you can be susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and other diseases.

Eating special foods with fat-soluble vitamins won’t cure tooth decay in themselves, but they are a part of the cure.

These special foods are as follows:

  1. Raw grass-fed dairy including, milk, cheese, cream and butter.
  2. Organs of sea animals including fish organs, fish heads, fish eggs, oysters, clams, mussels, and crab and lobster with the innards.
  3. Organs of land animals, including liver, bone marrow, tongue, heart, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands, gonads and for the more adventurous, brain, eyes and stomach lining.

Dr. Price found that a characteristic of groups containing a high immunity to tooth decay is that they ate regularly from two of these three food categories.

Our modern diet is so lacking in these special foods, and they are not consumed in regular amounts, so it is no wonder why our bodies degenerate.

Tooth Decay Gets Worse Over Time

In an extensive study of over 15,000 people, the Centers for Disease Control published some statistics regarding tooth decay that should be cause for alarm for most people.

Here is a summary: The older you get, the more your teeth are affected by decay. That’s why old people have dentures (fake teeth) and most young people do not…yet.

On average, people in the 16-19 age group have 11.6% of all teeth affected by decay at one time. This steadily increases, and by the time adults are over 60, more than half of their teeth (62.36%) have been affected by decay. A total of 93.1% of all people over the age of 60 have had teeth affected by tooth decay.

If brushing, flossing, massive fluoridation campaigns, and dental surgery were effective in preventing tooth decay, it would not get worse over time. It would stay the same, or get better. This is what I refer to as unscientifically sound practices. If we are to examine the effects of our dental care as a society, the statistics clearly show it is a failure, as tooth decay becomes worse and worse over time. Either Nature is fundamentally flawed and has doomed us to a life that includes decaying teeth, or humans are flawed in understanding and utilizing Nature.

Until we change the way we live, and return to more natural and life-building foods, the trend of tooth decay worsening with age, will continue.

What Really Causes Tooth Decay

After reading and studying the work of Weston Price, the late Harvard Professor Earnest Hooten said we need to consider the habits and ways of the indigenous people, because “it is store-food that has given us store-teeth.”

Time and time again, Dr. Price documented the tragic plight of indigenous people coming into contact with modern industrialization. Many of these groups enjoyed generation after generation of life without significant tooth decay. But after the arrival of industry and commerce, and with them modern foods, their teeth began to degenerate very rapidly.

Freedom From Tooth Decay

This is just an introduction to how you can be free of tooth decay, and avoid those pesky root canals. Our teeth can rebuild themselves, and cover themselves over with a hard and glassy layer, provided we give ourselves the right kind of nutrition.

Living Without Tooth Decay

I have written an entire book on how to live without tooth decay and how to heal your teeth with good nutrition. I cannot give you all the answers in an article, but I can let you know that there is a new way to having healthy teeth.

I was diagnosed with three cavities two and a half years ago. But through regulating my diet, and eating special foods, my teeth have become stronger and the cavities have halted. My daughter has lived with her tooth decay without the need for dental surgery for close to three years now. With enhanced nutrition her mood has improved, and her teeth have protected themselves internally from infection; this is called arrested decay.

In our society we have deep beliefs in disease and suffering. We believe that “life is suffering.” Or some say that “to be human is to be in a state of sin.” Many of us are not totally conscious of these beliefs, or others like them, so we inadvertently look past answers staring us blatantly in the face. We promote systems such as dental surgery and water fluoridation, which are many times not necessary given the light of knowledge showing us that our teeth are not designed to decay.

You can minimize your tooth decay, indeed prevent it entirely and even heal it once a cavity has formed, if you make good choices for yourself based on the knowledge of decay-free indigenous people.

We continue to fool ourselves, saying that diseases are not curable. But it is time to move away from these limiting beliefs. The cause of tooth decay is known, and knowable. From this knowledge, let us become empowered to take more responsibility for our dental health.

You can learn how to live without tooth decay. You can heal and prevent cavities. To purchase a digital or print copy of Cure Tooth Decay, visit

1 Price, Weston A, DDS, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Keats Publishing, Inc., New Canaan, CT, 1939

Rami Nagel is the author of "Cure Tooth Decay: Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition," available from: Rami is a father who cares about the way we affect each other, our children, and our planet through our lifestyle choices. His health background is in hands-on energy healing, Hatha & Bhakti yoga and the Pathwork. Rami is also the author of several health resources including: - Learn the Cause and Prevention of the Diseases of Pregnancy and Childhood and - A Program for Preconception Health based on Indigenous Wisdom.

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COMMENTS - 164 Responses

  1. This is a very good article. I will be ordering the book. I have found that I too have stopped further tooth decay of my own dental cavities. I make my own tooth soap & essential oil blend that is used in my tooth soap and mouth wash. I have also added virgin coconut oil to my diet.

    Pat Bailey - Steubenville,Ohio USA

  2. I have found this to be true. When I read Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price, I was amazed to see photos of tooth decay that had gone simply by changing the diet of children. Cavities gradually filled in, expecially helped by a combination of high vitamin butter oil and cod liver oil. I decided to try it with my two youngest children, who got cavities in their teeth as the first teeth emerged, despite being fully breastfed. (I only discovered how to eat real food myself after the last child was 4 yrs old). They now take daily high vitamin cod liver and butter oils. The 9 year old’s teeth have got a lot better, and with her last baby tooth to fall out, the dentist said it was the last one in her mouth with holes and the rest are cavity free. My youngest, now 6, appears to be having his cavities reduced in size; holes that once hurt in baby teeth now months later cause no problem, and appear only small. Once these baby teeth fall out, his teeth should be very good. We also drink copious quantities of raw milk and eat a lot of eggs from chickens on pasture which I am sure helps. I look forward to reading the advertised book, and hopefuly avoiding teeth problems as I get older myself.

  3. Sorry in advance for the long reply. This response is related to oral health, and in particular, healthy gums. A few years ago I was working on village aid projects in southern India. In the local grocery stores, I had seen many brands of tooth powder but not paid much attention to them.

    On one occasion , I visited an organic producers trade expo at an agricultural college in Pune. On display were a hundred or more small scale producers, most of which had value-added their raw products into a large diverse range of products.

    One of these products was a herbal tooth powder with a long list of natural ingredients. Having just run out of a conventional western brand of toothpaste, I bought a 100gm packet to give it a try. Wow! What a difference. I had long accepted having a chronic condition of periodontitis (gum disease) despite regular routine dental care and twice daily brushing etc. I’d lost several teeth to it and bleeding gums was just a regular part of daily brushing. My dentist had told me that 4 out 5 people suffered from it. Which never made much sense to me as most westerners have access to cradle-to-grave dental care.

    Within days of using tooth powder, bleeding gums were history. Within weeks, my gums were growing back strong and healthy, something my dentist had told me would never happen. Loose teeth firmed up. Since then, I’ve nearly always used herbal tooth powders sourced from India.

    On a couple of occasions when I’ve run out and had to try using commercial toothpastes again, bleeding and other signs of chronic inflammation have immediately reappeared. Can’t help wondering if the very products which are supposed to be assisting dental hygiene aren’t actually causing most of the problems, generating more product sales as people try to ‘cure’ the problem. But hey, I’m a cynic…

    The most easily obtainable brand seems to be Vicco (Vajradanti) Pure Herbal Tooth Powder. I have bought this at Indian grocery stores in Brisbane (QLD) and Perth (WA). Tastes great, economical, and lasts ages. 100gms container costs around AUD$4 and lasts me about six months. Cleans well, leaves the breath sweet, and so safe you don’t spit, just swallow.

    Best explanation of the efficacy of these products I have seen thus far is that herbal products like these preserve the naturally healthy microflora/fauna of the mouth/digestive tract while discouraging the unfriendly dudes which cause infections etc. On the other hand, commercial toothpastes, gargles etc. sterilize everything, leaving (to use an agricultural analogy) bare fallow ground for the weeds to reinfest. These ‘weeds’ are opportunists (R-selective), infesting quickly. Thus requiring more harsh ‘Product’ to counter them and creating a certain dependency on ‘Product’. Great marketing and sales tool, maybe not so good for your health though….

  4. Hi Lindsey,

    Thank you for sharing the good word about tooth powders. I recommend tooth powders in my book as an alternative to tooth paste. I am not specifically familiar with ones from India. Clearly herbs can help heal gum problems and I will make a note of it in future revisions of my book.

  5. Hi,

    Lindsay can you tell me where the Indian Grocery Store in Perth is? I would love to try some of that tooth powder.

    Also Mary said that she had an improvement in her childrens teeth thanks to Butter Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Raw Milk and Eggs. I have a 2yo son with cavities on his teeth but he is allergic to dairy products & eggs (and wheat). I am at a loss as to how I can help his teeth with his diet restrictions.

    Our dentist recommended “Tooth Mousse” which has bioavailable Calcium/Phosphorus. It is suppose to harden his teeth so the decay doesn’t get worse. But the rest of the ingredients on the back don’t fill me with confidence. The product also contains glycerol, propylene glycol, phosphoric acid (why would there be an acid in it???), saccharin and benzoates!

    I would love any suggestions people have.

    Kelly in Perth

  6. Hi Kelly

    I’ve bought the Vicco powder at the soap products shop at the Freo markets. I’m not sure if the Northbridge one is still around anymore. Last year I went to an Indian market somewhere around Osbourne Park/Balcatta area. I don’t have the Perth phone book so I can’t give any more info.


  7. I think it’s the vitamin D in the cod liver that helps strengthen teeth. This is from online:

    Vitamin D facilitates the delivery and retention of calcium into the teeth, which may strengthen tooth enamel, making it more resistant to the toxic bacteria that cause tooth decay.

    In a clinical study elderly persons (aged 65+) who received vitamin D supplements experienced a 14% reduction in tooth loss.


    400 - 1,000 IU per day.

    The optimal form of vitamin D is vitamin D3. This is the form that is naturally produced within the human body when exposed to sunlight.


    Cod Liver Oil contains high amounts of the vitamin D3 form of vitamin D…

    Cod liver oil contains high amounts of vitamin D, which helps to prevent tooth decay by helping the teeth to retain calcium. Retention of calcium in the teeth strengthens tooth enamel, enabling it to resist the toxic bacteria that cause tooth decay.

    In a clinical study, children who received one tablespoon of cod liver oil per day for one year reduced the number of new cavities by ½ compared with children who did not receive cod liver oil.


    15 ml (one tablespoon) per day.

    From the 1950’s I have a book by a nutritionist who wrote that not only did improved nutrition, especially including vitamin D, help children’s teeth, but the dental arches widened as the child grew, so that the teeth were no longer crooked. The older the child, the longer the improvement took. The amount of vitamin D the author recommended was higher than that recommended today.

    Myrrh gum powder quickly cleared up a slight but long-standing gum infection for me.

  8. This article is a real eye opener. I wish that I had had access to this information when my daughter suffered early tooth decay.

  9. I would like to comment on the tooth paste called Vicco used by Lindsey.
    After reading the comment I well looking for it and found it at an Indian shop in Enmore Sydney.
    I quickly read the ingredients and was horrified to find that it contain paraben componds with are not the best things to your toiletries. I would therefore be cautious. Read the ingredients and find out what each one is. Being a Nutrition Student, this has become common practise to me.

  10. I believe that Lindsay was mostly describing her experience with the POWDER version not the paste.

    The powder version does not contain Paraben. It is the powder version that is recommended.

    I personally do not like the paste, but that is my opinion. I use the Vicco powder and switch off with or in conjunction with Tom’s of Maine non-fluoride. Also recommend Miswak sticks inbetween brushings.

  11. 11. nadine ditton
    Mar 6th, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    what a great article, i was very interested in pat bailey and her homemade tooth soap and essential oil belnd, i was wondering if you would like to share this recipe with us, i am very interested….cheers nadine

  12. The miswaki sticks are wonderful. As I grew up in Africa, I got to use them a lot. In fact my grandmother who is 97 this year has never owned a tooth brush but uses the miswaki and she still has all her teeth in place.
    Miswaki is swahili for tooth brush.
    One other thing we used as kids to keep teeth white was charcoal powder which was rubbed on the teeth then rinsed out.

  13. I used a Weston Price based diet (after being vegetarian for 4 years) and stopped a tooth that had abscessed and was ready to be pulled or root canal. After 1 month the pain went away, swelling went down and tooth stopped being tender. After three months the tooth feels like all my other healthy teeth and is firming nicely. If you don’t have the money for a dentist you can cure your teeth problems on your own with diet. People have been doing it that way for thousands of years.

  14. Re Miswak:

    Locals in the part of India I was working in often chewed twiglets from the common Neem trees as toothbrush substitutes. Similar to Miswak sticks I guess. Neem is a great herbal plant with many uses.

    We had a couple of young camp dogs which both had terrible skin conditions and hair loss. I boiled up a mixture of neem leaves, simmering it down to a concentrated brew. Used this with fine clay to make up a mud pack. This was slathered thickly over the pups, much to their outraged indignity, and left to dry for 20 mins. Then washed off the mixture. (Probably the first bath they’d had!) Ad hoc herbalism but it worked, clearing up all the old scabs/lesions and leaving the skin smooth and healthy.

  15. Very interesting to see that people have treated their own dental issues. Well I have one and would love some advice.
    Six of my front teeth are loose from what I think is weakened gums. They bleed when brushing more often than not and have receeded.
    I am very self conscious as you can imagine and woul love some advice on how to treat then and grow my gums again.
    I am current using weleda’s Ratahnia toothpaste and myrrh mixed with echinacea tincture as a mouth wash. I am not a vegetarian but i eat mostly fish and chicken with the occassional steak.

  16. Hi Donna, did you use the myrrh gum powder on th tooth brush or did you dissove it first.

  17. Danilla,

    Please try some of that VICCO Vajradanti ayurvedic tooth POWDER…not the paste kind but the powder.

    Brush your teeth with it… massage the powder into your gums as well….

    Also if you can find NEEM powder which is also a an ayurvedic powder…. massage neem into your gums as well…

    One poster explained how Vicco helped her gums to heal up and teeth stop being loose… she was losing her teeth…

    I use VICCO myself and can attest to the fact that it is helpful and works…..powder not the paste….and try to find one with a good manufacture date on it….

    if you can’t find locally check ebay.

    Lay off the sodas…. drink green tea….

    all the best

  18. Hi Linsay,

    A big thank you for taking the time to share the tooth powder. I will be passing it onto many who I know would love to use it. Sharing things like this really make a difference to our world for the better.
    Re the Neem mudpack for the dogs, do you think if I made it into a gel which you could leave onto dry would it still have the same effect? - the dog owner friend has trouble with bending.
    Thanks deb

  19. Thanks Swan. I will try to get the powder. I will let you know how I go once I start to use it.
    Thanks Again.

  20. Hi Deb,

    Thanks for your question re application of neem. The Neem tree has seemingly endless uses for herbal remedies, each part of the tree (leaves, roots, bark etc) having different properties. There are plenty of web references on the qualities of the Neem tree. There are an increasing amount of neem-based products available at health shops etc. If you have access to fresh neem, even better.

    The mudpacks on the dogs served several purposes.

    One was to hold the herbal infusion there long enough to soak through the heavy layer of scabs, mange, and dead skin the young dogs had. In doing so, the infusion would kill the sub-surface nasties, and go to work on any infectious wounds on the skin.

    Second, the clay mixture tends to act like a poultice, drawing the moisture up out of the skin, including oils, pus, etc.

    Thirdly, having softened the dead surface material, once the mudpack dries a little, it tends to pull away the scabs etc. when you remove it. (You don’t want to let the mudpack dry too much or this could be painful to remove.) It also picks up any loose hair etc.

    Fourthly, the infusion is quite bitter so the animal tends to leave it alone as it tastes bad. However, the infusion is also a good worming agent, so if the animal does lick at the mudpack, it’s all good for cleaning out their “innards” as well.

    In terms of making a gel up, Neem is such a powerful herbal that it can only do good. I have not read of any adverse or toxic side effects, but presumably any herbal product can be abused and used to excess. So always research well and be cautiously experimental. Your main need would be to include a mucilage, thickening or geling agent. There are a number of natural products available for this. You might also experiment with the powered thickeners commonly used to ‘jelly’ drinks etc. for people with difficulty in swallowing liquids. (Cerebral Palsy etc.)

    Good luck, Deb

  21. Hi Lindsay,
    thanks for the extra info. The dog in question had lost all hair, some sort of mange thats why I I thought of the gel. I do make natural creams and for the gels I use a food grade Xantham gum which is commonly used in food products. The gel dries in around 15 seconds and holds a bit of moisture in for a while. I also have access to a fresh neem tree, so will experiment. I will try the mudpack on the neighbours dog who has bad skin condition on her back. Will let you know how the gel goes. My friends were so excited to hear about the toothpowder.

  22. Hi everyone! Its been a couple months since anyone has posted but hopefully I will get some feedback. My teeth are very slanted and I was steadily chipping my lower right teeth constantly. I got braces to correct the problem. Well, after getting them off, I dont know if it was the pressue or a deficiency, I am noticing small cracks in my enamel developing and well as some spots of tender gums and recession. I currently use all the processed toothpaste junk. I cant seem to find anything other than Tom’s dental products but I’m not sure if theyre any good. Thoughts? I ordered the Weston Price reading yesterday but have yet to receive it. Has anyone else experienced cracking enamel?? I know if I go to the dentist, they will want to crown me or something. Does the diet help to heal these types of degeneration, and not just decay?? Im at a loss and even scared to eat with my teeth now. Ahy help is appreciated. I hope someone checks the board soon.

  23. Rachel - don’t worry, your comment shows on the front page of the magazine so many people will see your comment. How about the tooth powder mentioned above? I use a powder made from woodash, neem seed oil, sea salt, anise seed, and mint leaf. Dietary wise - it sounds like you need lots of high quality, pasture-fed raw dairy (butter, cheese and milk). In addition, high doses of high vitamin cod liver oil and X-factor butter oil. Weston Price was available to reverse the effects of tooth decay in children and at least stop it from developing in adults. Hopefully others will have more information. My sympathies to you. Good luck and let us know how you go. By the way, where are you located? Perhaps you could see a more holistic dentist who follows the principles of Weston Price?

  24. Filippa- Thanks for the comments and advice. I live in New Mexico. I saw a dentist for a cleaning after getting my braces off and found that did more damage than good. I have scratches from the instruments on my teeth which is not good. Especially, since grinding off the cement from braces already removes some enamel. I found a link to dairies selling raw milk and it turns out i live very close to one. Im going there in a couple minutes to get some raw milk. Can i make my own butter from this? Also, I have a bottle of cod liver oil from the health store that i have been taking, as well as calcium magnesium citrate but I have a hard time deciding whats good. I cant tell the synthetic vitamins from the good ones. I am going to order the butter oil though. Where can i find high vitamin cod liver oil?? Again, any help is appreciated.

  25. Rachel, try Green Pastures. I’ve heard that the fermented CLO is the best (but this is just what someone else told me and I haven’t looked into the whys and wherefores!

  26. I’m interested in the Vicco tooth powder but also tooth soap that I keep hearing/reading about but still remains a bit of a mystery. Does anyone have this booklet: The Perfect Prescription For Your Teeth?

  27. Some people have had problems purchasing Rami’s eBook “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition,” available from: If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact Rami directly through his website.

  28. I have that booklet Filippa, i purchased it a few years back and have been using tooth soap for the same amount of time. its got some good information in it, and I feel confident I am doing the best I can for my teeth from the outside using the soap. - of course diet is of even more importance, but in terms of cleaning my teeth, they certainly feel good after using the soap, and the information/research that backs it up resonates with me!

  29. I appreciate all the help from Rami and everyone. I was running a cash register a while back, and a lady flew in and said that you can live up to ten years longer if you brush your teeth 3 times a day!!
    I’m sure the powder would work better. At the Univ. of Detroit dental school a student dentist by the name of Craig told me that there’s nothing wrong with scrubbing your teeth a little harder than usual. Since he told me that I ‘ve been doing it, and haven’t noticed any pain for a couple years except for a cavity in one of my lower back molers.
    I believe everyone that reads this should eliminate HYDROGENATED OILS from your diet cause I believe that they are really bad for a person and for your teeth, and also to e-mail Pop Weaver and suggest that they quit using hydrogenated oils in their popcorn cause that is where the greasy feeling on top of the roof of your mouth is coming from. (Learned this by reading some of Toxic Relief by Dr. Don Colbert M.D.)
    I just bought a 15 pack of microwave popcorn recently from Pop Weaver, but I just about threw out the rest of the box- in fact I’m going to do it right now after all; cause I think that hydrogenated oil is such fricken garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    By the way I am a drummer, and a future baseball player hopefully. I am looking to get started a Professional Baseball League in just about every capitol city in America which would be called CAPITOL LEAGUE BASEBALL. I need ideas, sponsors and investors, ball players (male or female can try out) umpires, managers, and other people that could help this Vision get going.
    Please e-mail me if you can help or have any ideas or names of people that could. This would be a professional baseball league separate for the most part from MLB , and if we build it, or re-use the stadium they will come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me, Christopher Hakim at
    I will respond to all e-mails. Thanks, Yours Truly, Christopher ps my phone # is 602-275-5427 Funny that I grew up only about 70 miles from where FIELD OF DREAMS was filmed!!!
    Great things are happening here in the capitol of Arizona!!!! Tomorrow I am auditioning for the semi-famous band called The Michael Nitro Band!!!!!!! check it out. some great talent there.
    Peace out, and oh,
    by the way Pop Weavers website is sent them a note. Thanks!!!!!
    Hydrogenated oils are terrible for your teeth I believe. Feel free to write back or call if you
    have ideas for the baseball league. God Bless!!!!!!!

  30. Hi - Currently, I have a tooth that abcessed. The swelling has gone down, but my only option is a root canal or extraction. I don’t want either. Is it too late to halt the decay and avoid the dentist? From what I’ve read the cure is raw meat and fish. I have a hard enough time eating it cooked and can no way eat it raw. Does anyone know of an herbal extract (maybe oil of oregano) that halts tooth decay? I’m willing to try anything at this point (except eating raw meat and fish.)
    Thank you :)
    Karen (PS - I brush with Peelu toothpaste and use Goldenseal and Grapefruit Seed Extract to help with my infected tooth.)

  31. My friend is a dental nurse, she says if you have a hole, you can stop the rot by brushing gently straight after you eat, avoid sugars and acidic foods and by flossing. As for nutritionally, the NT diet is great for building and maintaining healthy teeth, but I doubt it can reverse such a bad abcess. For tooth pain you can use clove oil or bite down on a couple of whole cloves. It’s disinfectant and helps numb the area.

  32. I think it depends on what is actually going on in your mouth. Here’s another online resource on teeth roots and dental self-care in general:

    From what I can tell, you need to find out if the abscess is in the gum or inside the tooth. If it’s the former then there are people that have healed from that. I’m not sure about the latter, it seems that once the inside is dead then it’s very problematic.

    If it were me, I’d be doing the following:

    1. follow the WP etc dietary advice as much as possible, including avoiding all refined sugar and flour. I’d have a pretty hard time eating raw meat too, but lately I’ve been eating liver raw by putting a teaspoon of it on the tip of my tongue and swallowing with a glass of water with herbal vinegar in it. You can barely taste it.

    2. Use a strong anti-infective herb internally. I prefer echinacea tincture (not capsules). Infusion would be good too. Tincture dosage needs to be high - 1 drop per kilo of body weight, every few hours initially, and then drop back to 3 times a day once there is obvious improvement.

    There are other herbs you could consider too (garlic is very good at healing infection too), but really herbs need to match the person more than the disease, so it depends on your situation and body etc

    I’d be careful about using Golden Seal. Not only is it endangered, but it is very drying to the mucous membranes, which is not what you want to be doing in the mouth.

    3. Stop using toothpaste. Even ‘natural’ toothpastes have things in them which upset the microbe balance in the mouth. You want the good bugs to survive and keep the potentially harmful ones in check, you want the right pH balance kept, and you want lots of salive. From what I can tell these are crucial to maintaining dental integrity. I use baking soda dissolved in warm water, as the b.s adjusts the pH, but for many years I just used water. Some people use salt, or a salt b.s mix.

    I’d also recommend not using Essential Oils (including oregano) on a daily basis medium or long term as they may disrupt the natural mouth flora. You could use them medicinally to fight the infection acutely, but you can just as easily use herbs for that without the same degree of side effects.

    4. Use herbs topically to reduce infection and increase healing. Plantain is very good. I use echinacea tincture or infusion as a mouth wash, which is especially good because it stimulates saliva production which is vital for tooth health.

    Again it will depend on what herb matches you best.

    5. Support immunity in general. Here’s my favourite two resources on optimal immunity:

    Medicinal mushrooms in particular are good at making the immune system strong.

    With any herb or new food, research well :-)

    6. Gently but firmly clenching the teeth strengthens them too. That and using the toungue to swish saliva around are both things that you can throughout the day in addition to the stronger infection fighting strategies.

    best wishes,

  33. Hi Karen, I had your exact symptoms 4 months ago and I am now almost clear. My approach was the Vicco tooth powder for brushing twice daily, Cod liver oil a teaspoon twice daily, and most important was the oil pulling which I have only recently discovered. This alone works well as long as you are using cold pressed sesame oil. You can find step by step instruction on . This also has other benefits such as pulling toxins out of you body, increasing you metabolism and having very positive effects on you skin.
    And finally I soaked half a teaspoon of neem powder in a tablespoon of cold water over night then applied it to my gums in the morning (leave it on for 5 min) after the oilpulling and brushing with tooth powder. I started noticing results pretty quick.
    I hope this works for you should you decide to try it. Good luck and let me know how you go. May it work in your highest truth and in light and love.

  34. High dose vitamin C isn’t without risks or side-effects. Please research if you are going to use that.

  35. I would like to get some advise on how to heal or stop further decay of my 20 month old son’s tooth. I saw a tiny brown dot on his top molar. The molar only erupted about a month ago! And we’ve been trying to follow the Weston Price diet closely…Cod liver oil every day since he was eight months old, organic chicken or beef liver each week, bone soup each week, no juice and any sweets, and all home made food prepared freshly by me (not processed food), raw qephor and breastfeed often. He doesn’t drink a lot of raw milk, but I do. I don’t know why he can still have cavity on the tooth that only erupted a month ago. I tried to clean his teeth twice a day with a wash cloth (he won’t let me do the regular brush nor the baby brush). But I though with proper nutrition, the brushing is the main cause of the problem. I don’t want to take him to the dentist for filling since he’s not complaining any pain. Any suggestion or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  36. I think maybe adding vitaming butter to your sons diet could help. Or, if your not opposed, most orthodontists sell a high concentration flouride paste. I think perhaps putting a dab of the gel on the molar could stop further decay. I realize the Weston Price diet goes against flouride, but I think it will work. Since he wont let you brush with a toothbrush, is it possible its a stain in the fissure? Or is it on a smooth surface?

  37. I have the same problem with my son. His front two teeth started decaying not long after they came through. From what I have read, children’s teeth harden during their first year after coming through but your son seems to have got some decay on it before it has hardened. You can get a product from Dentists called “Tooth Mousse” which contains calcium/phosphate to help strengthen the teeth. However it is dairy based and my son is allergic so my dentist recommended using a herbal toothpaste as they generally contain some calcium in them as well (read the ingredients). He advised against using fluoride toothpaste as children tend to swallow it. We are also using Schussler Tissue Salts - Calc Phos - which is a homeopathic remedy which also helps strengthen teeth. I also give my son Cod Liver Oil plus a liquid multivitamin/mineral formula. This seems to be working for us as his teeth don’t seem to be getting any worse.

  38. A friend of mine has struggled with different forms of cancer her whole life. She had bone cancer as a young girl and suffered severely with the treatment of it but survived. She tells me she used to sneak flouride pills. Ate them by the dozen cause they tasted nice to her. Not sure if there is correlation but it sparked my interest. I’d suggest intensive research before using flouride. I have seen tooth decay heal in children, my own child. The discolouration remained but new enamel grew over the carie. This was just by adding raw milk to the diet.

  39. What is the consensus… Enamel can grow back or it can not? I was under the impression that once enamel wears away from the teeth it is all down hill from there….

    Does anyone have any thoughts? Whether children or adult….is it really possible to regrow enamel?

    I’ve always had very white teeth my entire life. One year I realised I was putting way to much apple cider vinegar in my homemade salad dressings….Then I noticed that my enamel had worn away a LOT! Thankfully I had pretty healthy teeth my whole life….so even at 38 my teeth still naturally look white…but I am not happy about the wear….

    So any ideas would be cool!


  40. I have read in the autism groups where vitamin k2 supplement is helpful with the teeth when you can’t do the wheat and dairy. Thorne Research has a liquid version so it’s easy to control the dose. I only mention this since the Price foundation came out with the article identifing Activator X as being K2. For some, healing the gut takes some time and adding the supplement is needed for a time until the body gets it all from food. I do wonder if you make kefir like the “kefir sodas” in Sally Fallons book “Eat Fat Lose Fat” wouldn’t also help get the good flora in the intestinal tract like the dairy kefir to help the body that way. I’m looking for anyway to get “good stuff” in a 6 yr old “autistic spectrum, picky eater”!

  41. Hi Wendy,

    Have a look at the book on this link
    It’s written by a doctor who is also mother of an autistic child who has developed a program to repair damage to the intestinal tract and improve childrens autism. I haven’t read it but I really want to and I would like to try her techniques on my children with allergies/eczema.

  42. In case it hasn’t been mentioned here yet, has a great selection of tooth powders and even one for children. I have been using the tooth powder. I had receding gums and very sensitive teeth. My gums seem to be healing and the sensitivity is greatly diminished. I think Uncle Harry’s tooth powder is very high quality and effective.

  43. I recently got some amalgum fillings removed and replaced. One of them was not done correctly, and also inflamed one of the nerves. Unfortunately I was immediately called away due to a family emergency for two weeks, and the tooth was aching mildly for the first week, then towards the end of my stay was hurting quite a bit. For the first week, I made sure I had regular doses of cod liver oil, and was eating fresh healthy food and soups - more so for the emotional trauma, then later on I succumbed to more mainstream food - chips at the pub, chocolate, pringles, slices of sweet cakes and the pain became unbearable. I saw a new dentist once I got home and he told me my tooth seemed to be dying and that I would eventually need root canal or extraction on that tooth. I was also given antibiotics to help with the inflammation and pain. After having a good cry, I went to my local dairy and got some raw milk, then slept, then checked Nourished for more info. Thank you so much for all the bloggers who had the same problem and wrote in. I have neem seed oil, which I think I will be using, as well as my own homemade comfrey tincture. I also will continue on the cod liver and also broths. I have some great herbal tooth powder too.
    Thank you, Thank you! I have hope now of saving my tooth.

  44. PS Just checked out the oilpulling website and am going to get some sesame seed oil first thing in the morning. I am excited to try it out. :-) Thank you Amy! Even though you wrote your post for another Karen, this Karen is very appreciative!

  45. Teeth remineralise all the time. Even dentists know this but they don’t tell people so it’s not common knowledge. But a small cavity in a tooth can heal itself i.e. remineralise and replace the enamel.

    This link gives a good explanation of the process:

    According to that page it’s the direct minerals in the mouth and then the saliva that are important, not the minerals that go to the stomach and bloodstream. This means that chewing is important, and that taking mineral supplements in pill form is a waste of time.

    I’m not sure if I totally agree with what they are saying, but I do think the point about saliva and the minerals in it that come from chewing unrefined, unprocessed foods is incredibly important. Following on from that is the idea that the pH balance in the mouth is imperative for remineralisation. That’s why it’s good to limit sugars, and personally I don’t use anything in my mouth regularly that might upset that balance (eg essential oils, commerical toothpaste including alternative ones).

    I don’t know if you can remineralise the kind of damage you are talking about in the sense of replacing what was filed away. I have patches of enamel missing on a couple of my teeth (probably as a result of antibiotic use when I was a child and the teeth were forming) but they have never filled in. It’s not a problem for me though, they’re just like little dents in the the teeth. I assume that it’s ok for enamel to be varying thicknesses.

    But I do believe that you can prevent your teeth from decaying or getting cavities (i.e. holes that will eventually go through the enamal layer to the one underneath). I have a mouth full of fillings all from when I was a child. I’ve not had a filling in over twenty years. I credit stopping using toothpaste for that, and avoiding the dentist (who would most likely have found cavities and wanted to fill them rather than let them remineralise).

    One other thing I do, as well as following the advice on the mizar website, is that if I do eat something sweet I make sure I clean my teeth soon afterwards. I also do alot of saliva swishing, to get the saliva to increase and spread around the teeth as much as possible.

  46. Hey, Kate thanks for the comment. I had no idead supplements didnt eventually find a way back into the saliva stream. What kinds of foods should I chew that directly have minerals, etc. It seems everything I love like veggies are acidic. I’m just confused as to what to be eating. Also, can this diet prevent the wearing down of teeth in general? Meaning on a good wholesome, life-long diet, will we still see the gradual more obvious appearance of the dentin?? Again, any response is appreciated. : )

  47. I have heard lot of Raw Food Advocates says that they have healed cavities through their raw food diet. So chewing lots of raw fruits/vegetables/nuts would probably be beneficial.

  48. Wow, I stumbled upon some great discussion here! I love all the about neem and about teeth healing. I can vouch for the neem and the great herbal remedies for teeth.

    I love natural alternative cures with a passion! (unfortunately my diet has not always been the best,: pasta, bubble gum, ice cream, tootsie roll pops, etc etc) Still I was blessed to be born vegetarian and had a lot of raw milk available to me.
    Now I am extremely strict with my diet and have my own cows to drink fresh warm raw milk from.

    About a year ago, I was about to get my back (remant of a) molar, but changed my mind when they took so long to make an appointment. I already knew from reading Juliet de b. levy’s books that she had seen clove powder stop, prevent and even heal cavities over! I also knew that a great spiritual teacher from India, had said that tooth rot comes from “insects” in the mouth and from eating bad sweets, (like bubble gum instead of whole wheat home made banana bread for example :-)

    Anyways, I had unbearable pain in this piece of molar that kept me awake crying, and now it has become hard and firm and healthy because of drinking raw milk, AVOIDING JUNK FOOD LIKE THE PLAGUE, and brushing my teeth with clove powder and other special remedies.

    My teeth were doing so good that I actually forgot to brush them. I got lazy about sugar and I started getting cavities. The thing is, is, I AM NOT SCARED ANYMORE. I know that teeth are as easy to grow as skin. Clove OIL is like MAGIC. It numbs the pain and heals it as well.

    What I found new and yet I know it deep down, is the FRIENDLY bacteria in the mouth thing. OF COURSE! That makes sense! Our bodies can not survive without them. We have to maintain a balance in our entire digestive tract. I knew that we needed friendly bacteria in our intestines in order to be alive, but now hearing about having them in the mouth is a great big tip!

    Thanks! Suchandra dasi
    p.s. perhaps brushing with a probiotic would be helpful once in a while!

  49. Well i love raw veggies and nuts but not sure which are good or bad. I mean are store bought nuts okay? I have a pecan tree but i can only take so many pecans.

    I love tomatoes, but like oranges, arent they acidic. I have been making large raw food salads to enjoy, but noticed that the dressing i was using is acidic as well. Does anyone have any ideas of something healthy for the teeth i could put over it?? Some sort of raw salad dressing recipe??

  50. Has anyone here supplemented their diet with bone meal powder? I’m thinking about using that. Would like any opinions. Also, about how low has it taken you to see results with your diet changes? I have been experiences some swollen gums. I actually had a blood vessel burst along the gum line and it isnt pretty.

  51. Hey Rachel,
    I haven’t been having bone meal powder, but have been eating lots of chicken soup made from broth. This last week, my tooth has stopped hurting. My diet has consisted of soups, cod liver oil, raw milk, variety of herbal tinctures and powders as well as eggs, sourdough and kimchi. I also used the clove oil once early in the week and have also been doing the oil-pulling twice to three times/day with sesame seed oil. Brushing with the norfolk punch brand tooth powder also.
    My tooth stopped hurting two days after starting the oil pulling. Highly recommend it. Tablespoon sesame seed oil on an empty stomach, and just swish it around in your mouth for 15-20min. Not quite sure of the science of how it works, but it does. There was a link to the website further up. It should help with your bleeding gums.
    Cheers and good health,

  52. I would like to make comment on this article as this topic calls for great discussion and should not be easily explained just by simple dietary modifications. YES for sure diet plays an important role in progression of dental decay especially sugars and complex carbohydrates. Decay initiates from dental plaque (the white stuff- full of bacteria that builds up on your teeth) if you can remove all the plaque in your mouth everytime you brush, that decay does not stand a chance of happening in your mouth.
    To say fluoride is a poison and is not needed for tooth remineralization would be lying to yourself. Fluoride is an ion and like any chemical ion that make up our bodies it serves a purpose. Fluoride acts in a chemical exchange between your saliva and hard tissues of the teeth. The ions that are lost through “dental decay” or even early deminerilized lesions, fluoride acts as a replacement and forms a barrier against acid attack (which helps progress any decay lesions).
    Tissues in teeth do not grow back, once you’ve lost enamel it’s gone for good. If you lose dentine from decay, the tooth protects the nerve by making reparative dentine BUT THIS ONLY happens if oral hygiene improves and dietary factors are modified.
    Bottle mouth caries, nursing caries, early childhood caries, whatever you want to call it is caused from ANY drink containing sugar given to a baby or young child (with the exception of water) and remains in the mouth for a long period. Breast milk is a leading cause along with fruit juices and cordials. you may not think breast milk would be a problem but it contains lactose, a sugar. Most breastmilk contains more lactose than normal cows milk. Other causes of bottle mouth caries includes: frequent snacking and sipping drinks (after we eat or drink saliva becomes acidic, if we’re snacking all the time you’re not allowing your saliva to do its job and restore the nomal pH balance).
    Dental decay is an oppurtunistic disease; populations worst affected by it is children and some of the elderly. While poor diet habits contribute to this, the cause of dental decay is manifold. In the absence of good Tooth brushing, flossing techniques, fluoride and regular check ups by a dentist (to remind you that you’re doing a poor job on plaque removal) your teeth dont stand a chance!

  53. 53. UncleBoogie
    Sep 20th, 2008 at 10:02 am

    weneeG is either a dentist, or is just parroting what they’ve been told, and thus their opinion is worthless.

    For example the fluoride in water is actually an industrial waste byproduct, NOT the kind of fluoride that is actually helpful.

    And your breast feeding claim is utter nonsense.

  54. worthless?? take or leave it. youre doing yourself an unjust by disregarding my precious information. A dentist? no. But Oral Health VERY IMPORTANT to me. I guess your knowledge of this matter exceeds you UncleBoogie. By reading one study or a bunch of studies all trying to portray the same thing doesnt make you an expert, it makes you a conformist. Try reading articles with scientific background to them or even statistical research.
    Less than 5% of the state of QLD has fluoridated water compared to the rest of australian states with them being over at least 70%. Guess which state has a significant lead over other states in tooth decay (especially children)?????? Yep you guessed it. QLD! and its by a ridiculous amount too. To say that Fluoride in the water is ineffective is rubbish! And I’ve only given you one example of many.
    My breastfeeding claim is not “my” claim at all. You only need to do a little research to find that there are millions of studies proving that breast milk naturally contains lactose. And like all substances that pass through breast milk to baby it depends on how much mother consumes as well. So the more they consume the more lactose in breast milk. yeah?
    Before you do anything drastic like to put your child on a fluoride free and anti dentist campaign you should do your own research and NOT listen to the likes of opinions on forums. Anyone can publish a book anyone can write an article on a website but published articles in a respected journal do not publish anything unless there has been studies carried out to back it up.

  55. 55. stephen brown
    Sep 26th, 2008 at 10:47 am

    It appears that scientific evidence is steadily building indicating that vitamins can prevent cavities. Here is a link to another article:

    Getting high doses of vitamins from food can be a difficult task. The diet recommended by Dr. Price is not achieved without effort. Is it really too good to be true to suppose that supplements alone might work?

    I believe that vitamin D is the most important single vitamin for preventing cavities. I started by using supplements - 4000 IU/day. This resulted in side effects after two months. I have since switched to sunlight - 20 minutes of full body exposure (10 minutes/side) on most sunny days. I get vitamins A and E from a multivitamin and occasional supplements. Vitamin D is a special nutrient because it is associated with rickets - one of only four named deficiency diseases. The other three vitamin/disease pairs are vitamin C/scurvy, niacin/pellegra, and thiamine/beriberi. Linus Pauling recommended at least 6000 mg vitamin C/day. I take 100 mg of niacin regularly. I get thiamine as TTFD. Since starting this supplement program my teeth are much healthier.

  56. Low Fat has a lot to answer for.

  57. 57. Mrs. C.Richard
    Sep 26th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Well, we use flouride free toothpaste, we actually use only the Miessence one as that is also suitable for children too. However my children drink raw milk, water, rarely eat sweets. The dentists have been amazed at h ow clean their teeth are.

  58. 58. Mrs. C.Richard
    Sep 26th, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    They also eat seafood too

  59. Your children are very fortunate Mrs Richards, good genes would have a lot to do with it as well :)
    I agree that Vitamin D contributes to oral health and overall health. Vit D is associated with calcium production and regulation in the body - calcium and fluoride work really well together.

  60. 60. shamelshipman
    Sep 29th, 2008 at 6:17 am

    Great discussion here! Adding to the mix…
    After searching for fluoride-free toothpastes, I found one I love…
    I chose NOT to use any of the so-called “natural” brands from the so-called “health food” stores because, while they were fluoride-free, they all contained SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate…originally created as an engine degreaser and now used in shampoos, etc as a foaming agent).
    Another interesting point about Rami’s article is the importance fat-soluble nutrition. That might possibly be a plus as far as essential oil-based toothpaste goes, because essential oils are extremely fat-soluble. It’s a stretch, but you CAN swallow this toothpaste, like others have mentioned they do with the tooth powders.

  61. To Kate,
    What risks have you found from mega-dosing Vitamin C when done properly? I have been for a few years now, since reading a number of papers and books by Linus Pauling and Dr. Klenner, and am definitely benefiting from it. Perhaps you should do some research, along with most people who don’t know they could benefit from a few Grams a day at the minimum. Surprisingly the body can use much more when stressed or injured.

    I will have to do more research into Dr. Price and what he actually covered/tracked in his research. I’m very hesitant to try so many animal products that are recommended above (Special Foods in numbers 1-3) after reading The China Study by T. Colin Campbell a few years ago.

  62. Quoted from

    “……..New Zealand is leading world research into applications of useful bacteria to counter problems such as tooth decay, body odour and ear infections.

    At a conference in Auckland yesterday, Professor John Tagg said products were already on the market as a result of University of Otago research to help protect against sore throats through lozenges that contain a streptococcus known to reduce the risk of infection.

    Now Professor Tagg and his researchers in the microbiology department are turning their minds to other applications using similar principles. He is confident probiotics - live organisms that confer health when given to people - have a huge potential in a range of conditions……”

    Good to see science is slowly catching up to what many traditional cultures have worked out a long time ago. Trouble is that the usual developmental pathway for these findings is the production of high cost commercial products. When the reality seems to be that similar products can be produced at minimal cost by small producers or even consumers themselves.

    By way of comparative example, Gil Carandang in the Philippines has been teaching traditional farmers how to produce their own pre-adapted beneficial micro-organism brews on their own farms. (based on traditional Korean farming techniques.) The commercial equivalent are prohibitively expensive purified EM (effective micro-organisms) compounds produced in Japanese labs. Arguably, the locally produced product actually does a better job that the costly commercial product.

    The existing tooth care products support a huge profitable industry of toothpastes, gargles, bad breath treatments, related digestive medications (an unhealthy mouth can cause a huge range of follow on problems including digestive etc.) and associated cosmetic products etc. (even fresh breath chewing gum.) Not to mention the associated dental treatments since majority of these products don’t actually work anyway. So I can’t see the commercial companies rushing in to assist in developing a new range of probiotic mouth care products.

  63. [WeeneeG, Breastmilk also contains lactoferrin, a component in breastmilk that actually kills strep mutans (the bacteria that causes tooth decay. This species thrives upon refined sugar and, as a part of its digestive process, converts sugar into acid) Also, according to the [US] National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, breastfed children are less likely to develop Early Childhood Carries than their bottle-fed counterparts, and population-based studies do not support a link between prolonged breastfeeding and ECC. The studies you are reading look at the effect of lactose on the teeth, not breastmilk as a whole.]

    How do you use tooth powder? Do you mix it with paste or rub it on?

  64. anyway, the plan looks optimistic, but eating or drinking raw milk or grass fed dairy is not good for vegans. is there a vegan alternative. instead of cod liver oil, flax seed also has omega 3. also eat organs of animal like fish is not good for the heart. those product are high in cholesterol this include liver , fish eggs, and oysters. they are also high in fat. is there any good type of tooth paste that will reverse cavities. tell, mee.
    also, herbs such as coq1o is gr eat for gums. and also tea tree , myrhh, to treat plaque

  65. 65. Cathy Mifsud
    Dec 11th, 2008 at 10:44 am

    Neil there are no vegan alternatives. All the vegans I know have bad teeth and their poor children and babies teeth are rotting also. These vegans don’t eat junk, their diets are organic wholefoods mainly.
    Veganism does not work.

  66. 66. Cathy Mifsud
    Dec 11th, 2008 at 11:26 am

    wenee G
    In August this year, 2008, the biggest conference to date on fluoride was held in Toronto. Top health experts came from all over the world. One of the most worrying conclusions on the damaging effects of artificial fluoride was its effects on the developing brain and the fetus. Fluoride can lower IQ in children! This is just one negative side effect among many. Fluoride is a toxic waste biproduct of the fertiliser and aluminum industries also contaminated with other nasties like arsenic and lead! You know, when fluoride is added to a water supply its done slowly over two to 4 weeks so it doesn’t make people sick! Then a whole heap of other crap is added to balance the ph hardening the water. Indigenous groups enjoyed complete freedom from decay such as our Australian Aborigines and they didn’t brush or floss or visit a dentist or use fluoride other than natures own in food.
    Most scientific research is biased and dishonest. Queenslanders for example don’t have the worst teeth, the last update I read on Ailsa Boyden’s newsletters was that there’s no difference! I healed my own teeth after I changed my diet, stopped using paste and began drink un-fluoridated water.
    Here in Castlemaine the children with the best teeth drink tank water and raw milk and just as importantly never visit the dentist! Anyway to understand water fluoridation you should look at how it came about there’s a great doco avail on you tube The Fluoride Deception part 1 & 2 about 40 min. Did you know the people that ok’d water fluoridation also told us that asbestos and cigarettes were completely safe?!

    Your comments on breastfeeding are absolute rubbish. What happened to your common sence ( been ingesting too much fluoride ) ? My daughters teeth are perfect and so is she, breast fed on demand for 3 years. In Nina’s first two years she slept most of the night on my boob with milk in her wouth. If there’s a problem with breastfed infants teeth its the mothers diet not the breastfeeding. Careful what miss-information you spread especially when we should be incouraging breastfeeding as the single most important thing a mother could do for baby!
    Did you bother to read any of Rami’s blog? Or have you checked out ?

    Also anyone feeling helpless about Australia’s current forced fluoride agenda apart from letter writing to the usual government officials you can call Get Up on 02 9264 4037 ask them to help. These guys don’t think its important enough. Sad because a dumbed down country can only become less active than it already is.

  67. Cathy Mifsud - sorry, not even close to being correct (your first post). Vegans can (and often do) have great teeth (i.e myself and three of my vegan friends), I highly doubt you know that many vegans to draw a reasonable conclusion. Humans are designed (like all mammals) to wean off dairy at about the age of three, we lack the enzymes to digest milk after the age of 3. The “milk prevents/fixes teeth problems” thing is the biggest fallacy imaginable (raw, pasteurised whatever). Adult cows have unbelievably strong teeth and none of them havn’t had milk or calcium suppliments since they were infants. Think about it.

    Cod liver oil contains almost toxic amounts of retinol, hence why pregnant women should not have it. 30 Grams of polar bear liver will kill you. The body can manufacture its own on a per need basis. There is almost no need to take vit A or Cod Liver Oil suppliments - ever.

    There is a lot of evidence suggesting high protein diets (i.e milk, meat, eggs) contribute to decreased bone density (calcium is released from the bones to assist in removing the excess protein from the body).

    The key is raw food. Raw nuts, fruits and veggies are guarenteed to make anyones teeth healthier.

  68. 68. Cathy Mifsud
    Jan 14th, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    Hello Angus
    First I must opologise, I should not have said ALL the vegans I know because I don’t know the quality of teeth of every vegan I know but I do feel I know enough vegans to draw a conclusion on their health. I will include details if you like but trying to keep this short. Also these vegans are not %100 raw but they do eat alot of their foods raw. I too was vegetarian mostly vegan 12 years.
    Raw dairy isn’t a necessity in a healthy diet but it makes life much easier, especially in getting live raw nutrient dense foods into our little ones and its delicious!
    Yes, cows turn grass into milk but they have 4 stomachs to do it!
    If raw dairy was unhealthy then why did I manage to heal my depleted enamel, bad tooth erosion near gum line ( which began during vegan years, greatly worsened during pregnancy while eating meat but only small amounts yogurt and butter), and reverse some tooth decay while breastfeeding after I included lots of raw milk kefir, raw and pasteurised cream, CLO & butter oil into my diet? I saved my teeth and lots of money after I discoved the research of Dr Price, thank goodness! If these foods were wrong for me, then why did my teeth remineralize and my health greatly improve? Also remembering teeth are windows into our bodies and to pull this off while breastfeeding is huge! I have great teeth, I feel stronger then ever, never get sick which includes my daughter who I breast fed 3 years. Just before breat feeding stopped I had a bone density test out of curiosity and it showed good results ( remember breast feeding 3 years on high protein diet of raw milk, eggs & meat, all the foods you believe cause the opposite effect!) and I forgot to mention at end of pregnancy I broke a small bone in my foot and 3 weeks later broke the same bone in the other foot . These bones were said to be difficult to heal but right now they’re strong as ever. Just out of interest for some, the bone density questionaire asked the sort of questions that give the results they are after and nothing to support real whole foods, there was nothing on raw dairy, bone broth, or CLO, I made her write it in!
    Do you or your friends have vegan children?
    How many years have you been vegan?
    I wonder how good you would feel as a vegan women who bleeds every month and builds babies?
    I believe veganism depleted my bones and any other stored nutrients greatly and its why pregnancy deteriorated me so much. I am so great full to have discovered what real nutrient dense foods are thanks to Dr Price, Sally Fallon, Nourished and friends and to have been just in time for this to benefit Nina and it has, greatly!
    I wonder if a vegan child had the choice of some wonderfully delicous vegan dessert or an equally delicious dairy dessert of thick raw cream with lacto fermented berries or grapes, which would he/she choose? I’d bet my savings it would be the cream!
    I have read some honest testimonies from from vege and vegan veterans including raw you might find interesting.
    Also I know you mention the key is raw but mostly raw should show close to the same results. I imagine it would be extrememly expensive and time consuming to support a family on only raw vegan organic foods. Do you know any people that manage this?
    Kinest regards,

  69. 69. Cathy Mifsud
    Jan 14th, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    sorry, I’ve gone on quite a bit.
    Have you read anything on Scott Wheeler here at Nourished with his Primal Diet blog? He started out raw vegan but depleted so quickly probaly due to his career in fitness training/body building that he began including raw meat, dairy and eggs. He is now so strong and healthy and speaks out against vegansim raw.

  70. can teeth with cavities and already have a filling in place be healed?

  71. I would also like to know the answer to Lee’s question….lol, Lee was writing it while i was thinkin it…

  72. argh, but there seems to be no people replying to it.

  73. Hey Guys,
    Great arguments all round! I’d like to add in my two cents as well…..
    What’s being fundamentally over looked here is the role vitamins k1 & k2 play in creating dental health and over all health in the rest of the body.
    Weaning ourselves off of human milk and replacing that source of nutrition with other mammalian sources of nutrition have enabled the brain mass of human beings to develop beyond every other mammal on earth, compared to the ratio of brain mass to body mass.
    The link between animal sources of nutrition and the experience of our birthright- strong health and sound mind, is quite misunderstood. You see, animals spend all day converting minerals and enzymes they ingest into their beautiful meat and other foods. They are like our external organs, for without them we would not be able to experience long term health and vitality, and pass the ability to reproduce onto our third generation of offspring.
    The conversion that fish and cows make is really quite extraordinary. When the sun is closest to the earth in spring and autumn, the grass and algae produced at those time have unusually high levels of vitamin K1. The fish and cows eat this abundantly green and rapidly growing source of K1, make the conversion in their fat tissue to vitamin K2 and we eat their products and benefit from this amazing source of nutrition.
    It’s not the vitamin A or the vitamin D that’s found in cod liver oil that’s so important to creating good health. It’s the combination of high vitamin butter oil with high quality cod liver that creates k2. Vitamin K2 was the illusive Price factor or x factor, that Price discovered back in the 30’s, and has only been given a name in the last decade. K2 makes your hard tissues hard and your soft tissues soft. That’s why Price’s study’s found people eating seafood and animal products were in such splendid health- especially at the times when the sun was closest to the Earth. The info is all there for anyone to read. Understanding and compassion is key. We’re all trying to do the right thing. Some of us are just a little misguided in their beliefs.
    Alana :-)

  74. “They are like our external organs”. What a beautiful way to put it. Connection is undeniable when you put it that way. We need these wonderful creatures so we can be wonderful creatures. I know how it feels to deny myself of these vital vitamins only found in grass fed animal fats. I spent many years in physical poverty and have no desire to return there. Honouring our body: our internal and ‘external organs’ is a wonderful way to live.

  75. 75. interesting
    Feb 6th, 2009 at 7:16 am

    Interesting, it’s good to see people using their critical thinking abilities, with the exception of WeneeG (fruitcake wannabe dentist). I just recently found out that I have 2 cavities, and I do believe it is because I upped my intake of sugar. Sugar and raisins( some people say its good for your teeth, I doubt it). I don’t think they’re to an extreme point yet, which means I can probably get them to remineralize if they are small enough . Keep in mind that the remineralization process only works if they are small enough. I seriously doubt that teeth grow back, but I do believe that once the cavities are gone they can form a thin layer of enamel or just smooth out.

  76. Wow. Your all slightly right and slightly wrong.
    First of all to be an overall healthy person you should utilize ALL the knowledge available to you, scientific and non-scientific. You should then use your critical thinking abilities to reason out the best path. What I’m seeing here is people using one or the other and not using ALL the knowledge available to them.

    First of all tooth soap=useless for cavities. Promoters of this don’t even understand what soap is. FIRST AND FOREMOST SOAP DOES NOT KILL BACTERIA. PERIOD. What soap does is bind to the OIL and DIRT molecules and traps them so that they may be washed off with water, thus making the oil and dirt molecules hydrophilic. It does however promote a balanced mouth state, just like tooth powders.

    What antibacterial soap is is soap specially designed for hospitals to target and kill CERTAIN TYPES of bacteria. Triclosan is the ingredient used to kill these CERTAIN types of bacteria. HOWEVER, triclosan also develops resistant strains of bacteria. This means if you’ve been using toothpaste with triclosan in it for a long time you have a host of antibacterial resistant bacteria in your mouth.

    But this is OK, because BACTERIA IS NOT BAD. There are good bacteria and bad bacteria in your mouth and it is the “good” bacteria that keeps your mouth clean from the “bad” bacteria. Cavities form when there is an imbalance of these Streptococcus Mutans(”bad”) in your mouth that produce acid thus wearing off the enamel on your teeth.

    So what can you do about that? Keep balance in your mouth!!!!!! If you were to find a magical solution that kills bacteria in your mouth, you would also be killing the helpful bacteria in your mouth, which wouldn’t be a good thing. So notice that there is no “good” or “bad” bacteria. The only “bad” bacteria is the one that is imbalanced. So can you kill all the cavity causing bacteria in your mouth? IMPOSSIBLE. Streptococcus Mutans are in everyone’s mouth, just not out of control, like in some people’s mouths.

    See anything here? Toothpaste is ineffective since it promotes resistant strains of bacteria. Tooth soap only removes dirt and oil. The only reason people have been able to rid themselves of their cavities, is because they were able to balance their mouth. They did this using tooth soap or anything else that DOESN’T produce resistant strains of bacteria and thus enables your teeth to remineralize or bring your mouth back to a balanced state. Saliva helps balance the mouth. Good overall eating habits also assist this.

    So next time you go pointing fingers at scientists or at each other realize that their information is useful if you know how to use it. Knowledge is a tool acquired from EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. Use it to open the many closed doors that you are going to encounter in your life.

    Stay Balanced,

  77. So if I wasn’t too clear on what we can do about this problem let me try to state my opinion on the solution. First of all we must eliminate all fluoride intake. WeneeG is completely misled and completely whitewashed about fluoride. It has no benefit for the teeth or the health of human beings. It’s a toxic halogen chemical compound, that should not be put in our drinking water or in our toothpastes. And yes, it is in our drinking water. It has been known to break chemical bonds in the bone structure of humans by increasing the rate of hip fractures in osteoporosis patients! So how the hell is it going to help your teeth? IT’S NOT. Eliminate all fluoride, anything containing it, and toothpastes in general. THIS IS OBVIOUS. Fluoride causes Dental Fluorosis, if you haven’t heard of it, research it. Toothpaste leaves a sticky film on your teeth that will make it hard for your teeth to remineralize

    Now, one thing I do agree with the infamous ADA, is that sugar’s cause cavities. Streptococcus mutan’s use the sugar as a form of energy and produce acid that wear away enamel. But if you practice good oral hygiene, then the streptococcus mutan’s won’t find enough energy to feed off of and will not be able to produce acids that destroy enamel. So keep balance by diluting baking soda in water and swishing it around in your mouth. This restores the ph balance of the mouth fairly quickly. Saliva also restores the PH balance of the mouth, HOWEVER if you have gone to the dentist for regular checkup’s and have gotten mouth x-rays, then your saliva production has been compromised slightly. X-Ray’s have been linked in various studies to dry mouth. So simple baking soda and water should assist your saliva in restoring balance.

    Next step is to find a good oral hygiene product. As stated above any natural tooth powder will be effective. Any completely natural bar soap(the only listed ingredient should be oils) will also be effective, since it washes away dirt and oil in your mouth thus helping your teeth to remineralize. Or make your own toothpaste concoction, this one’s up to you.

    Maintaining a balanced diet is essential, for cavities, and for health in general. Don’t consume too much sugar, avoid fluoridated water, make sure to get raw veggies, and fruits in. Get your vitamins and minerals from natural sources.

    Good job guys keep up the critical thinking, stay balanced and continue to expand your knowledge.

    Kman out

  78. Here guys I’ll leave you with a quote that proves the irony and lies of the ADA.

    ” more severe degrees of enamel fluorosis are associated with an abnormally high incidence of caries… There is thus no doubt that a high degree of enamel fluorosis causes an increased tendency to caries.”
    SOURCE: Carlsson A. (1978). Current problems relating to the pharmacology and toxicology of fluorides. Journal of the Swedish Medical Association 14: 1388-1392.

    So how is fluoride going to help your teeth again, lol?

  79. I went 20 years of my life without any tooth problems at all. I even had braces for 3.5 years! My parents weren’t into natural healing or anything but my dad made sure we had 2 fruits and a salad every day, my mom made me pack my lunch all the way until I graduated high school so I never experienced a school lunch and candy was only allowed on Halloween and Easter. We eventually switched to natural tooth cleaning products because I became violently ill from regular toothpaste so I guess that benefited my whole family overall. =) Anyway, once I hit college and lived off ice cream, fast food and peanut butter for two years, I got a tiny cavity in one of my molars. I freaked out and went mostly organic, fresh vegan except for the occasional glass of milk or raw cheese and haven’t had a single problem since. (I’m 26 now) However, my husband has 2 new cavities every six months and he eats like me! However, he grew up with an absolutely horrid diet and has very weak enamel. I enjoyed reading this article and its comments and I can only hope some of these suggestions will keep my husband from root canals and dentures. My main problem is that he tends to think I’m a tad crazy with all my natural healing jargon and he wants to believe the chemical pushing dentists even though I don’t have any cavities and they probably do! Is there any way I can get through to him????

  80. Hi there!
    It’s Chris Hakim back on here. How is everyone doing? I was commenter #30 on here. Wow! A lot of posts here since I commented last, and a lot has happened. I found out that CHICKEN is a totally awesome food to eat for your teeth, and also popcorn without any butter or anything on it is good for your teeth- it makes sense because your teeth are white- or at least are suppose to be. I also found out the other day that the hardest substance in the human body is tooth enamel.
    I believe the 2 worst things a person can consume - other than hydrogenated oil- for your teeth is Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and sugared energy drinks.. I know the energy drinks are popular, but I did have some pain in a molar recently, and I think I was drinking too many energy drinks, and also stress at work was a factor. I believe that stress in the work place can cause a lot of pain in your teeth if you let a co-worker get to you or a manager even.
    I urge you to search for ways to start your own business instead of work for someone else to help relieve stress as well. I also found out that starting a business starts as easy as getting business cards for your business and putting 100 dollars in an account to help fund your business. I found this information in an article written by KC Miller in newspaper. the article was from volume 28 number 1. The newspaper is excellent, and is from Scottsdale , Arizona. I have the paper form I picked up for free at a Papa Johns Pizzeria- I believe it was.
    I also found a website to help start the baseball league I talked about in blog # 30 on here. The website is It’s a great website that isn’t just for Phoenix about helping people quit Playing with themselves, and start playing sports that they want to play. The team in Phoenix is going to be called THE ARIZONA PHOENIX baseball club. I told my Dad in Detroit the name the other day, and he was ecstatic to hear the name God gave me for it.
    I encourage anyone who reads this that knows anyone that loves baseball, and wants to play pro baseball someday soon to email me at : Just think : A pro baseball team in just about every capital city in America - with 3 women—-heck yes- I said WOMEN on a team playing HARDBALL!!! :) I’ve had this vision for this new league since last fall, and I’m hoping to come up with a business plan for this by Aug. 31st of 2009. I figured out that I believe it’s suppose to be a non-profit type league with a salary cap for every player of making no more than a million dollars a year. ( who needs any more money anyhow for playing a game that was invented to be fun anyhow- Right?)
    Also, I was very saddened to find out a couple weeks ago that a child in the world dies every 3-7 seconds from starvation. :( , however; I was listening to a Phoenix radio station the other night, and I guess that someone started a petition basically for President Obama to help feed hungry kids around the world, and the website to go to is: Please go there and check it out, and sign the petition- or whatever it is- a note to the president.
    I believe Capital League Baseball can and will be instrumental in getting that total number of deaths to zero through great efforts, and a majority of the money from the games going to this cause. Please help in this vision, and direct all emails to: (note only one L instead of 2 by the word capital)
    Thanks and God Bless!
    Yours Truly,
    Christopher Hakim

    PS I was just laid off work doing appointment setting for a home food delivery company, but I am starting my own business at selling music and movies. my storefront website (sorry so long) is:

    Take care, and eat a lot of chicken and popcorn!!! (just don’t break your tooth on a seed or something) :)
    LETS PLAYBALL by the spring of 2012!!!!!! :) Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested in playing, umpiring, coaching, building stadiums, funding, helping start a non-profit company, banks, credit union people, etc…. Thank You. Also for more info on what this idea is about go to and type in and next after that type in : Chris Hakim baseball
    Peace and take care. please feel free to write me for questions or comments. (
    LOL!!! just thought of the movie Field of Dreams again, and A League of Their Own, and now just thought of the baseball movie The Rookie! (seem to be all connected to this vision) :)


    I had a terrible case of gum disease. I lost about 70% of my bone. The good news is I knew in the back of my mind there was a simple way to cure this issue. I located a great site called, and began doing ‘Oil Pulling’ and “AVC’.

    After Oil pulling with organic Sunflower Oil and organic Coconut oil my gun disease is gone, my teeth are strong, my gums are growing back and my teeth are white. I went back to the dentist to have my gums mesured and they went from 6 and 8s to 1 and 3… very normal. I bypassed the $1000 scaling cost.

    I haven’t a doubt we can heal ourselves. I’m excited about reversing my cavities. I don’t believe in Root Canals. Oh, my dentist gave me floride to take home…. I don’t think so.

    Comments please. Ari

  82. Ari,
    Can the bone loss be remineralised and restored? I have some bone loss and receding gums that I’d like to heal.

  83. 83. Cathy Mifsud
    May 10th, 2009 at 11:34 am

    Hi Jules
    I can talk from presonal experience. I have rebuilt depleted enamel and reversed some bone loss and all decay.
    I did this while breastfeeding three years! Our bodies are truely amazing if we just give them what they need. Lots of bone broth, raw dairy, liver, shell fish, fermented cod liver oil and butter oil. Do not eat food that will deplete you like improperly prepared grains, soy foods (except miso, and other fermented types) and refined carbs. Do not eat really acidic fruits like grapefruit or orange or straight up lemon. Even unripe fruits should never be eaten, they strip enamel and remineralisation.
    all the best.
    Oil pulling with coconut oil sounds great!
    Read “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”by Dr Price. Check out amazon book reviews. If you want a free ebook version e mail me and I’ll forward.

  84. OK, I just came from the dentist who says I have 2 cavities and need a crown on a back tooth because the filling is pulling back from the teeth and stuff can get under it and cause more havoc. The cost? $600. I do not have that kind of money. What’s really making me angry is that I never used to floss regularly but a year ago, I started daily and started using mouthwash daily. Last year there were no cavities and today, after a year of daily flossing and mouthwash, I have 2 cavities. She showed them to me and what’s funny is that the discolorization that shows on the xray as a cavity was not on the surface of the tooth as one would expect but below the surface. Will changing eating habits get rid of these cavities?

  85. 85. Cathy Mifsud
    May 28th, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    Debra, thats right change your eating habits and you’ll fix your cavities. One of my bad decay was the inside of my back tooth but a dark spot did eventually appear. All gone now but dark spot will stay.
    The flossing wouldn’t have hurt your teeth but the mouth wash would have, throw it out. If you’re gums are healthy you probably don’t need to floss.
    There’s an excellent fermented clo at it will help you and its even more effective with the butter oil. expensive but it lasts ages making it great value.
    All the best.

  86. 86. Radha Rakshamam
    Jun 7th, 2009 at 8:12 am

    Surely there must be some way to get the required nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed, without eating organ meats from the land or sea. As a long time vegetatrian, (43 years) for moral and religious reasons, I was disapointed to find the list of recomended foods are not for vegetarians. There are vegetarian foods that are high in nutrients. Perhaps the good doctor could also provide a list for vegetarians? Thank you.

  87. 87. Cathy Mifsud
    Jun 9th, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    do you eat dairy? Maybe you could see how you go by eating lots of raw dairy and raw butter if you can get it. You can get pure raw butter oil from if you can’t find raw butter. You can kefir your raw milk for extra good bacteria and mineral assimilation.
    lots of excellent eggs and raw yolks (you’ll benefit from all the insects they eat too) . And avoid all the foods mentioned, soy, rice milk, processes & improperly prepared grains and sugars etc.
    Let us know how you go. Many of us doing this were once vegetarian/vegan too but we degenerated so much from it. I now understand that the most damaging part of my strict vegie diet was the absence of the fat soluble vit A, D and K2 found in saturated animal fats.
    43 years is a long time, did you have children?

  88. 88. Radha Rakshamam
    Jun 23rd, 2009 at 5:03 am

    Thank you Cathy, so kind of you to reply. Yes, I do eat saturated fat dairy. After learning about all this, I switched to the higher nutrient raw milk and yellow butter. What I am concerned about are the minerals. Oh, those pesky phytates! After looking into it, I see it’s harder to get minerals than one would think - things like no dairy with iron, oxates that also inhibit absorpstion, etc. I’m still trying to unravel it all.
    And yes, I do have two grown children.

  89. 89. Radha Rakshamam
    Jun 23rd, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    Sorry. . . it’s spelled OXALATE, and it hinders the absoprtion of calcium. Foods high in oxalate are; beans, beets, cocoa, soy, nuts, parsley, carrots, celery, eggplant, green beans, sesame and olives. This is just a partial list. yikes!

  90. Bananas are actually known to throw off your calcium levels. I had to stop eating them myself - they caused me to be lactose intolerant and have poor digestion - and have felt better ever since. Apparently they have only been in the human diet for the last 3,000 years when they were taken from more remote regions and hybridized for mass consumption. Some people liken them more to a potato than a fruit. For a long time I followed a paleo diet but never thought to question the banana evolutionarily as a food source.

  91. Are any of you familiar with having Autogenous tooth transplantation? Its when you have one tooth extracted and implanted in place of a missing one. It only works in certain cases. Im glad I still have one of my wisdom teeth left - perhaps it will come in handy for replacing one of the spaces where modern dentistry has failed me.

  92. I use a homemade tooth powder from Bicarb Soda, Sea salt & Hydrogen peroxide 3%. This alkalizes the mouth, so provides the right environment for beneficial bacteria & healthy saliva, kills bad bacteria, heals gums, & feels so clean!

  93. This homemade tooth powder is extremely cleansing, so, on second thoughts, I think it should only be used occasionally, like once a week. Feels like a full dentist’s clean! Just to warn you:) My hubby & kids don’t have teeth probs like we used to, since getting off the junk, & drinking raw milk.

  94. Hi it’s Chris Hakim again, and I am just posting this to let you know that I feel that brushing your teeth at least 3x a day is essential in this day and age; if you choose to use flouride or not…that’s your choice, but I choose to use it because I believe it is good for your teeth. Bad things are: anything that you eat or drink because anything other than water will cause you to get plaque if you don’t brush right away. Gum can help if it’s sugar free, but can not replace brushing your teeth. Also, replace juice -100 % juice that is- instead of Pop as much as possible, and you will live practically a pain free life as long as you brush after eating or drinking ASAP. Please go to and type in: for info on a new pro baseball league that some friends and I are looking to get started by the spring of 2012 or very soon after. Peace.
    Yours Truly,
    Chris Hakim

  95. To whom it may concern
    I am 61 years old ,my wife just about the same age.
    I m originally from the french side of Belgium and had problems with my teeths when I was young.
    I go to the dentist to clean my teeth once needed but I don’t have problems for more than 35 years.
    My wife had problems with her teeths and went from one to another dentist to find out that she should do this or that and always in the twenty thousands range.
    She did everything but last week she felt a pain in her front thooth went to a dentist recommended by an employee of hers and fount out she needed an another root canal.
    She didn’ have any pain the day before.
    When is it going to stop that escalate of visitations of dentist to specialists’?
    In Europe when you have a dentist he has a diploma to allow him to take care of his patient.
    He doesn’t need to send you to a specialist because they learn it all in their studies of dentistry.Here it s a way of making more out of a patient.I think that it is out of control in this country same with doctors and specialists.
    Same with insurances they all want to know about you to find out how much they can get from you.
    E-mail mail what your view is ,I ll be glad to discuss with you.
    Best regards

  96. 96. Cathy Mifsud
    Jul 30th, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    Dear Paul
    It can get over whelming can’t it. Best try to avoid them altogether. I wont say too much, its so late but I will say, do not let your wife get a root canal. If you need more info I can post you a some, let me know.
    Do you have access to raw milk and kefir grains??
    She might be able to heal that tooth with the right foods depending how much pain she’s in. But definitely,if her tooth sin’t able to be saved, she should have it pulled. No root canal.

    Have you read the info at the top of this blog?

  97. 97. Katie Bonds
    Aug 17th, 2009 at 8:06 am

    At this point I am so confused on what to do or even where to start. I am on a VERY tight budget, please keep that in mine as I have 5 children and stay at home!
    Growing up, we never went to the dentist and ate and drank as we pleased. Weren’t even taught good dental hygene either. I’ve never taken vitamins regularly and always used regular toothpaste and on occassion mouthwash. So I started getting cavities at age 18, I’ve never had dental insurance. Now I am 30 and I have 4 missing teeth due to decay, some tiny cavities just starting to show, and 1 tooth had a root canal and has the temp filling after 7 yrs, and I have 4 broken teeth that are decaying. HELP!
    I just recently have stopped all white flour products and sugar.
    I don’t know where to go from here and PLEASE remember I am basically poor and need the cheapest advice.

  98. Hi Katie,
    Good on you for wanting to look after yourself & your kids! Most of us are on limited budgets & stay at home, too. Hey, that’s where mums should be! A good start is stopping all the processed junk foods, & start eating & preparing wholefoods at home. All the info is here-
    & you’ll find more reading links there. The bicarb-soda tooth powder really works.
    All the best, Anita.

  99. Hi Katie,
    As Anita suggested the westonprice foudation is a great website full of useful articles on healthy diet. I attach the link to one of the articles which is on family meal planning and how to use left overs etc. You can save lot of money by planning ahead and using up left overs. you will get creative with practice but here are some ideas for start:
    and here is another article that could be of use to you
    this one is on the nutritional benefits of stocks and some recepies. Making stock will do a lot of good to your kids and it doesn’t cost much because you only need bones and seasonal vegtables. Today, I picked up some fish bones/carcasses and they gave them to me for free. When I buy chicken, I always buy a whole chiken and use up the carcass to make chicken stock. if only the chickens came with their feet and neck (those part make great stock). Hope this helps. Good luck

  100. Thanks Bettina,
    Yes, the stock is most important, I agree. I find the chicken feet at Lenard’s chicken shops (they’re all over Oz). You have to ask them for it- it’s way in the back bottom drawer of their freezer, for $2. If you’re lucky, ’cause Asians like them, too! They have the necks, too. These make the stock much thicker & more gelatinous- that’s what we want. Look what this lady has to say about stock- She says “The secret to a bone energy tonic is long cooking, with a little solvent such as vinegar or wine to extract nutrients.” It’s easy if you have a Slow Cooker, as you can leave on for 24-36 hours unattended.

  101. Anita,
    Is it important to use organic, free range chickens in stock? Someone told me it was, to avoid all the hormones, antibiotics, chemicals etc in commercial chickens, and that free range chickens are more nutritious yielding a more nutritious stock. Would love to know if it really matters, as it would help the budget.
    Cheers, Ben.

  102. Thanks Anita. Ben: I’d say it is important to use organic chicken in stock. If the chicken is not healthy then its bone would not be healthy either.

  103. Hi, has been really interesting reading the messages posted. I have been told i need a root canal and don’t really want one but have been in some pain. How quick can i cure myself using this method? I also have two others already and wondering how do they affect your health in the long run and why?

  104. 104. Katie Bonds
    Aug 28th, 2009 at 12:08 am

    Thanks for the link, I will check it out!

  105. I’ve been having my daughter drink the raw milk, and eat the raw cheese.

    What we’re having difficulty with is how to feed her #2 & # 3 :
    the fish organs, fish heads, fish eggs, oysters, clams, mussels, and crab and lobster with the innards, and also the Organs of land animals, including liver, bone marrow, tongue, heart, kidneys, pancreas, adrenal glands, gonads and for the more adventurous, brain, eyes and stomach lining.

    Anyone have recipes?

  106. Tarama
    Caviar Mayonnaise

    This dip is common throughout the Mediterranean region. It is easy to make and great for parties. Some recipes call for the addition of white bread soaked in milk, probably to stretch the recipe, but this is unnecessary.

    1 small onion, minced
    1/2 cup carp roe
    1 1/2 cup mild tasting olive oil
    juice of one large lemon
    2 teaspoons cold water
    salt to taste, if needed

    Place roe and onion in a bowl and beat until blended, preferably with the whip attachment of a mixer. With the mixer running, slowly add the oil in a small stream. Keep beating until all the oil is used. Add lemon juice and beat. Add water to lighten; beat an additional minute. Since most commercial fish egg products are salted, only add additional salt if needed. Chill and serve with bread. Makes about 3 cups.

  107. 107. eleshiacatherine
    Sep 17th, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    for Ben
    I’m in Aust and I’m interested to know what is the brand name of free range chickens you mention. We’re very particular about the sources of our meat and trust that we get what we pay for.

  108. Jim Humble’s MMS will knock out all tooth decay in a week.

    Thank you

  109. 109. Cathy Mifsud
    Nov 12th, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    Hi Scott
    I know about Jim’s MMS. I can’t help wondering if it acts just like an antibiotic? If it does then it means it only temp cures and then what? This could be why its recommended to be taken every day as a tonic after symptoms are gone.
    No tonic will rebuild teeth and bones the body needs nutrients to work with.

    I think its amazing you’ve only had one tooth decay. It might be a different story for you if you decide to hae children because this is where its really difficult to get enough nutrients. The wapf says the effects of veganism become obvious in the second generation if not before. Do you have children? Yes, pregnancy is often when we learn how depleted we are and that was me. My teeth were eroding along gumline etc. I had been a vegan 12 years previously. I’ve remineralised some of that now and reversed tooth decay by eating the WAPF diet with focus on raw kefir, fish, fats etc.
    Tooth brushing has nothing to do preventing decay because the 14 indigenous groups Dr Price wrote about all had an average of less than %1 tooth decay and all of them ate animal products and none brushed or flossed. My daughter now 4 has never brushed her teeth (she can’t wait to get a tooth brush!) and her teeth are perfect. Brushing a babies teeth soon as they pop out seems over the top to me, completely unnatural. You’ll know if this vegan diet works when it can sustain your own children (being second gen). We already know that eating a whole diet that includes animal products can sustain perfect health for many many generations thanks to Dr Weston Price. So far I’ve heard/seen nothing that proves veganism supports a healthy second generation. I hope it can because I have many vegan friends with children.
    I think its great you have good teeth. How are your sisters second set? First born get the best from mum’s own body stores, second child can suffer more if mum’s still depleted.
    All the best,

  110. I tried this new tooth serum my friend gave me called gyne-glo . It seems to work well. My teeth feel smooth now I guess the enamel is repairing. They’re very shiny now.

  111. 111. Cathy Mifsud
    Apr 12th, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    you are not the only one. There’s another wapf mum who’s girls teeth started decaying fast at 4 yo.
    Turns out the problem could be celiac disease.
    Look at gluten, this will seriously effect nutrient absorption. And you might want to void all dairy that isn’t raw and fermented. Try and find raw butter.
    Get the book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” (GAPS), small easy to read and understand book, its also WAPF but certain foods are cut out while gut healing takes place. The author, Natasha now speaks at WAPF conferences and has written articles for the Journal, Wise Traditions.

    My girl can’t do gluten either and while she’s been stealing chewy soaked chook wheat grain I found her eye tooth slightly browning and pitted!
    Chooks sadly had to go.
    Watch really acid fruits like orange, lemon, cranberry, pineapple and grapefruit for eg, they’ll strip enamel.
    Do LOTS of bone broth, this also heals the VILLI responsible for nutrition uptake, this is the stuff gluten strips for those with gluten intolerance.
    Stop the bread. Essene rye might be a good option while you find other foods to replace the bread.

    Adding lots of probiotic foods too, maybe consider a supplement. Think about joining the GAPS yahoo discussion group. I Think its
    All the best.

  112. john, your information about bananas throwing off calcium levels is wrong. In fact the opposite is true. This link will tell you:

  113. Tooth decay is getting worse every time. I’ve read that millions and millions of individuals, especially children and senior citizens, have been more prone to tooth decay than ever before, because of un-fluoridated water. Dentists roseville ( Offers many teeth and gum treatments, as well as diagnosis and maintenance.

  114. John mentioned in a previous post that “Bananas are actually known to throw off your calcium levels” AND I posted a link which proved this was not the case, but my reply has not been published - I wonder why?

  115. 115. Suzy Saunders
    Apr 22nd, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    I have just spent an hour (at work) reading this website and I am amazed at finding it just at the time I am having dental work done. I have four visits with a periodontist over the next month for gum cleaning. I wish I had read this article earlier! I will do my visits and I intend to start “oil pulling” tomorrow and will be visiting all the websites mentioned above and reading more on this topic. I find it amazing!! And truly very helpful. Thanks to all the people who took the time to add to this site.

  116. Hi, I have Vicco’s tooth powder, and when I read the ingredients was not impressed to see sugar used in it, is it in such small amounts that it doesn’t matter??

    Thanks for your help

  117. 117. pizza topping
    May 1st, 2010 at 1:03 am

    very good. you can also try different indian brands .All give different results due to different herbs. One very good one is Dabar Red Tooth paste for tooth and gums . also known as Dabar lal Dant Manjan, or tooth paste. Dabar is a very well known Indian herbal company. Since I stay in India I experiment with all. I find this one very very good. Better than vicco. Please do try using it and tell me how it is.

  118. I have hairline cracks running up and down the middle of my front teeth–really visible with sunlight. Will cod liver oil and butter oil help me with this? I’ve started drinking raw milk to see if it’s helpful. I’m 34. Is there still hope for me? Is it possible that teeth can rebuild at my age? What percentage of your meal should be raw foods to strengthen bones/teeth? Thank you for any light you can shed on me!

  119. Hello everyone, I am so glad to see all the helpful comments posted here. I purchased Rami’s book a few months ago after discovering when I went to the dentist that I had a whole in one of my bicuspids- probably from biting my tongue ring which I should have never gotten! Lesson learned! It fractured my tooth, I actually have only had three cavities in my lifetime before this at the age 25, and I am now almost 33. Of course the dentist advertised themselves as a holistic dentist and after I used my free exam through my insurance (which is only good once every six months) they said I needed a root canal and that the cavity was getting close to the nerve- and they did show me the digital x-rays, however I thought long and hard and started researching the internet for a holistic solution. I actually lost over a hundred pounds and have kept it off for a year and a half due to changing my lifestyle when it comes to what I eat. I ate raw fruits and veggies, sprouted grains, green smoothies and took good supplements. I am afraid that my lack of consumption of raw dairy and organic meat may have fueled my tooth to get worse. After going to the dentist, I started buying things recommended out of Rami’s book, the butter, raw cheeses, cod liver oil, herbal soap, oil of clove, good sea salt, sprouted grains, and excellent supplements from website and I did notice some improvement at first. The bicuspid never hurt really at all until about a month ago, all of a sudden my face felt inflamed and every time I rinsed with GSE and oil of clove it sent a shock to my nerve that was quite unbearable for about 10 seconds and then it would be gone. It was like pouring salt on an open wound, but because I have a hole in my tooth I had to keep it clean by cleaning it out with a small brush I have after each time that I eat and swishing with the GSE and oil of clove to keep it clean. The pain and inflammation went away after a couple of weeks and my tooth is not bothering me at all, and I still keep it clean, however last night I was eating and more of my tooth broke off creating an even bigger hole that runs from the middle where the fracture was, and the original small hole, to the next tooth now. What I am wondering is if my tooth can still heal and can I have it filled? There is no pain, no swelling, my tooth was just weakened from the fracture. My insurance can be used again in a month in which I can go back (to someone new and holistic hopefully) and see if any dentin has grown over the pulp??? (I’m not sure if I am saying that right) and to see if I can have it filled. Does anyone have any advice for me? I am concerned about breaking it even further and I am just trying to decide whether or not to get it extracted or have it filled. If it seems like my nerve is protected and my pulp, if it’s not infected and healed-do you think the damage was from the tongue ring itself if the fracture is what caused the tooth to decay? I believe it became inflamed due to the amount of stress I was under at the time, which was work related. I just have a pretty big hole now, with a tooth that doesn’t hurt. Has anyone ever had a similar situation? Can the casing of the tooth be saved, will it be strong enough if filled even if it was fractured badly? Thank you for any help or advice you may have. I would like to add that I am mostly an organic, raw dairy, organic meat eater and I have eaten well for the last 12 years. So I do feel that most of the damage from my tooth is not because of an internal toxicity but from external damage done. :( thank you and please buy Rami’s book- forget the healthcare system, knowledge is power.

  120. Very good post. Guess I’ll have to go out and buy the book.

  121. Hello all friends!

    I am too a prey of dental caries.My one tooth has already been extracted (had no other way) and other one was “sealed”,but the seal has fallen today.So,I was searching the net how it is possible to avoid RCT and other dental surgery.
    Interesting point is that,I am from India,but I never used those herbal tooth powders.Instead used modern tooth pastes,gels etc.Plus those mouthwashes.

    The thing which can at least arrest dental caries,is sold everywhere,but I never knew it is so good in real!I will buy one tomorrow (its night here now) morning!
    I will also change the diet as you suggested….pray for me!

  122. How can one say vegan does not work? All gorillas, cows, rabbits, etc are vegan after weaning and have strong teeth. I think many vegans find it difficult to consume the proper amount of greens to make up for the lack of calcium from milk products . I wonder what the true healthy diet consists of.

  123. I have a tooth that was needing a root canal and chose to try and save it. I use coconut oil pulling and Dr Christopher’s tooth powder. At night I put it around the tooth and lightly clenched my teeth. I slept with it on my tooth. Each morning I rinsed it off. I also swallowed Dr Christopher’s Bone Flesh and Cartilage powder with Comfrey which I loaded in capsules myself. (If you buy them in capsules they have to take the comfrey out) I took at least 5 capsules at least 3 times a day. All the pain disappeared. I also swish a product called ASEA in my mouth each morning and spit it out.

  124. Hi,

    Personally I believe that NEEM is indeed a cure all.
    After brushing my teeth before going to bed, I rub some neem seed oil on my teeth and gums and massage it for a while and leave it overnight.
    The taste of neem is very bitter, but you will get used to it and in fact some of this oil mixed with your saliva that goes in your stomach is actually good for your whole digestive system.


  125. Sounds fake ‘ To stop tooth decay you need to go the densit and have the decay drilled out and have a filling thats the real solution to fixing it . and Also brushing your teeth with a Anti-bactirical Toothpaste to prevent further decay and plaque from foods and drinks and yes good food does stop decay from deveopling but once it is decayed eating good foods wont stop the batrica already it has to be drilled out.

  126. 126. Cherry Red
    Jul 27th, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    A simple google search revealed the ingredients in Lindsey’s Indian tooth powder. Considering the 1st 6, I think I’ll pass! I mean chalk? It’s what makes Tom’s of Maine toothpastes taste yuck! Water = tap water = contains fluoride and misc. toxins. Glycerine coats teeth; SLS: nuff sed! #6 =???

    Purified Chalk, Water, Sorbitol, Glycerine, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Gum Tragacanth, Extracts of Indian Licorice Root, Indian Almond, Common Jujube, Currant, Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon, Sappan Wood, Persian Walnut, Rose Apple, Medlar, Barleria Prinoitis, Prickly Ash, Asian Holly Oak, Bedda Nut, Bengal Maddar, Bishop’s Weed, Cateche, Mayweed and Geranium Menthol, Thymol, Oils of Clove, Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

    I have a cherry tooth powder from Whole Foods. Dr. Don’s. Contains voclanic clay & quartz. I had no idea it can rebuild tooth enamel. Can it? I’ll try it. I’ve just used it after toothpaste as an extra step.

  127. we also now use the green pastures high vit fermented cod liver oil, with each meal…..lots green juices….added to our array of organic meat, some raw…lots bone broth soups…use oil pulling every day……..clean teeth with a combo of coconut oil and vicco tooth powder…..thankyou all for your wisdom….Deb I

  128. 128. wonderbear
    Sep 19th, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    I hate brushing my teeth. Occasionally I use a toothpick to remove some of the plaque. My intuition tells me a little plaque is beneficial and builds enamel.
    I recently changed dentists for personal reasons and had cleaning done with high-speed water. I highly recommend this procedure! It eliminates the damage done by mechanical tooth cleaning.
    I won’t go back to the new dentist however and will again begin a search for another dentist….here’s why:
    After visual inspection of my mouth he wanted to take 20 xrays…I said no way! I continued to ask how much the work would cost that he expects to do and he declined to give me an estimate! That’s fine….no estimate and I will keep my mouth shut! lol
    One other thing….my former dentist did a root canal with a temporary cap. Six months later the cap fell off and it seems the tooth is growing where he ground it down for the cap! Everything I have read says this is not possible but the tooth looks healthy and appears to be filling in the void where it’s edges were ground away before the cap was installed!
    I am taking my own concoction of herbal remedies for several medical physical problems I also have….perhaps i have stumbled on the right combination to regrow teeth!? I haven’t had any cavities for over a year, either!
    Looks like I am going to make dental history with that tooth!

  129. 1. Here is the real problem - that will save all the confusion about not only tooth decay, but that that of rest of the body - which is cause by our ’scientifically’ misguided approaches.: Dentists and dental profession is all about money and corruption. They don’t care about you or your teeth. It is about selling a product, getting you back into the dentist chair often.

    I have been in the US and my teeth are getting worse and I cannot afford any treatment.

    2. Lindsey included, it is all about making money. She wont share the information, but would blame the dental profession. Who knows what she has in teh book and who cares. We have read so many books - most by whole lot more authentic Dr. s and scientist. Look where it is getting us.

    3. So think, where are we going as a society? Something is really wrong with - this materialistic mindset. It destroys much more than it preserves or creates. What it does create must have a flashy component - for that is what appeals to it.

    I know we like cheap and free stuff from India/other such places who fundamentally belive in giving, but, be aware, wemay be destroying themplace quickly. There is a need to preserve a deeper mindset - one that wants to give, one that wants to create -not just to sell, but to help humanity [not some few insiders who belong to a religious group]. What a lost mindset. It is a shame we live in 21st century. But no would tell you that. You must believe you live in the most advanced civilisation.
    I thought so too. But now I know. What you see is not what you should belive. Even the language is flawed.
    Miles to go before I rewire- and get back to the roots;

    Don’t mean to offend anyone. But we need to think as a group. Why there is so much destruction of value. For whom? There is a much bigger problem here. Unfortunately, humanity has seen it before. And the solutions exit! But that will solve many problems cheaply. That is a problem!! Funny list of corrupt contries has its ranking backwards.

  130. I have quite a few cavities owing to the fact I have no insurance and no money. I haev two small ones in between my right side teeth and my left molar has a bad filling that causes me a lot of pain. I can’t eat on both sides of my jaw. Getting new fillings is out of the question right now, but I don’t want my teeth getting worse. I’m at a loss of what to do now.

    Also Sraz… gorllias are omnivores.

  131. hmmm…Interesting article here! I found your page doing a search for tonsil stone/tonsillith info and your link is on a wikepidia page. I’ve been researching tonsil stones cures/symptoms/side effects for years (I used to be a sufferer of them). I have associated certain mouth problems with them but never though about the correlation between your post on tooth decay problems and tonsil stones.

    Not sure if you’ve ever studied up on the whole t.s. issue but it effects tons of people and I?m curious if the two may have related causes. I’m going to dig around more. This may be another good post you could do! If you want in info from me…I’ve got loads I could supply you.


  132. I am amazed at how long lasting this discussion thread has been. Good to see people trying different alternatives. I agree with

    118. pizza topping
    May 1st, 2010 at 1:03 am who said,

    “you can also try different indian brands .All give different results due to different herbs. One very good one is Dabar Red Tooth paste for tooth and gums . also known as Dabar lal Dant Manjan, or tooth paste. Dabar is a very well known Indian herbal company.”

    Vicco is certainly not the best Indian toothpowder I have used. There are other more herbal based toothpowders which I liked better while in India. Vicco powder is simply the easiest to get hold of outside of India. I still use it every day and have excellent dental health. I prefer it to using commercial toothpasts. I lost the filling off one tooth over a year ago, and still have no decay or problems with it. So I still stand by my original comments made nearly three years ago now.

    Re: # 130. ABC Nov 27th, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    “2. Lindsey included, it is all about making money.”

    Not sure if you are referring to my posts, but I have never made any money related to this site or any comments made.

    Great to see the ideas are still flowing. Keep sharing one and all.

  133. I completely healed my tooth cavities (and I had so many!) in a couple weeks brushing with a very cheap tooth powder. I did NOT eat any bone soup or broth and no fish eyes or over priced butter oil. Prior to trying this tooth powder I had tried another tooth powder (with crystals cherry flavor, I won’t say the name brand but double the price and probably smaller)and it did absolutely nothing. So I didn’t have high hopes for this one but being that cheap I gave it a go.

    If you’d like to try it it’s Eco-dent and it comes in several flavors. Here is the link:

    It’s currently discounted to a mere $4.67 for a bottle and if you use coupon code HAW031 (copy/paste at check out, that’s a zero) you get $5 free for shopping. Shipping handling should be $4 via UPS and only $2 via USPS so not much to lose if it didn’t work for you. (But just read the reviews and you’ll see). If you decide to get some groceries and your body care and vitamins, please know the coupon gives you free shipping when you spend just $40 and an additional 5% or 10% off when you spend $60. You can choose any flavor you’d like. Oprah Winfrey uses it as there’s a video of her bathroom on youtube and she’s got the lemon-lime flavor I think.

    If anyone tries it, make sure to post here your results after a few weeks usage. I did use it several times a day the first week. It works and saved me thousands at the dentist, I don’t have dental insurance. Also I did not have to buy the overpriced butter oil or eat weird foods. :)

  134. I tried oramd for my periodontal disease of pocket depths 4 at the front and 5 at the back. Oramd extra strength worked for me very well. I am happy that atleast i know all these solutions before doing my scaling and root planning. Thanks for all the great information above. Now looks like i have the pockets only in the wisdom teeth. I started doing oil pulling with cold pressed sesame oil. When i was young my grandma used to give me the paste of neem leaves to swallow. I missed all those rich lifestyle now.

  135. Most animals aren’t actually vegan as you define it–they all ingest bugs, and many ingest smaller animals. It isn’t mentioned a lot because most people think it’s disgusting, but BUGS are also a source of “Activator X” AKA Vitamin K2. That’s most likely where animals that are supposedly herbivores supplement their diets.

    I had a root canal several years ago that has never stopped bothering me–my dentist took a look at it last week and said it’s infected and is referring me to an endodontist to see about re-doing the root canal. I’m going to try oil-pulling. I’ve been using tooth soaps and powders for more than 6 months and begun drinking raw milk daily to see if it helps. If my root canal really is as bad as it looks, should I just have the tooth pulled or let them try to correct it surgically? I think this one may be too far gone to cure naturally.

  136. Hi guys, I’m so glad I found this site - am putting it all into practice as we speak!

    Just a quick question on the butter oil - I’m dairy allergic so can I still take it?
    Is Vit K2 a non dairy alternative?

    Thankyou so much everyone - all so helpfull!!!

  137. im doing a report on cavitys and i absolutly could not find any thing on how they form or why they are considered “dangerous” some one please help

  138. Very interesting topic! Thank you for sharing this. There are lots of ways on how to heal cavities or tooth pain, one of these is have you heard the Oil oregano treatment? But I haven’t tried it yet. Some quick home remedy that my mom always advised me is to cut a slice of onion and put it into your mouth near pain or applying toothpaste near the pain. Having tooth pain is really terrible that’s why some are very conscious on foods that they are eating but I agree on what you said that “eating special food is not always a cure to tooth decay, but still they are a part of the cure”. Though my moms have lots of quick home solution, she still instructs us to seek for a dentist advice for proper medication.

  139. I have been using herbs to repair my teeth naturally and after only a month the results have been amazing. My two front teeth were damaged as a kid and I’ve had root canals on them, abercoectamies (spelling is wrong, it’s basically where they surgically remove the root of the tooth high above the gum line) and they’re basically all but dead. They have become discolored, cracked, and loose and the dentist and I set an appointment to have them extracted and repalced with implants. I do not like the idea of implants so I started brushing my teeth with Dr. Christopher’s Tooth powder and also applying Bone Flesh and Cartilage formula directly to my teeth before I go to bed at night. After only a month the teeth have become stronger and no longer wiggle like they did and some of the cracking appears to be corrected.
    Anyway, long story short, I cancelled my implant appointment and have hops that more of the damage can be repaired and I can keep my natural teeth. They haven’t felt this strong in years… I’m really amazed. Unfortunately I don’t know if it’s the herbal tooth powder or the bone flesh and cartilage ointment that is causing the repairs because I started them at the same time. Also I started eating more “live” foods at the same time too - carrots, apples, nuts, and eliminated sugar from my diet. So that could be helping too.. it’s too bad i didn’t do one change at a time so I could identify what is helping and what is not.

  140. 140. jeff jeff
    May 23rd, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    just a quick question, before you start with the program, take some time to think about what is being
    recommended first, what are the sources and what do those sources contain? Lets take for example tongue, brain, liver, and other animal parts.

    these food sources, what do they contain.. animal protein; known sources of cause of cancer. Also, sources that themselves come from animals that these days are contaminated with not only disease but toxins also( please dont tell me that meat is “organic” unless you raise the animal in a bubble; and you gotta be pretty keen to be doing that) even then inherent diseases are still present from past generations.

    If anything is outdated it is the idea that eating animal parts will make you well. It dates back to medieval times, where people thought that they got “power” from consuming body parts. For example it was thought that you could get smarter by eating brains.

    When I hear people say that they are taking raw milk, i feel a deep horror, casein, a known cancer causing protein is present in milk which comes from diseased cows. Homogenisation and pasteurisation processes do not “cook” out cancer, otherwise it would be gone after the process, which it not as it is still found in milk after the process.

    So those people are literally drinking it raw… and all the lovely nasties that the dairy industry want you to think that is good for you. (if you stopped eating their so called superfood milk products you would be deficient) and of course they don’t want that because it means that billions of dollars would be lost.

    So here we are, talking about new and improved ways of health in a society that is supposed to be more educated and more informed; but yet i read these things and think, great i can “cure” tooth decay but i replace it with cancer and disease from gonads of all things. GONADS PEOPLE!! GONADS ARE BEING RECOMMENDED FOR YOU TO EAT. THINK ABOUT IT, PLEASE!

    “But it is time to move away from these limiting beliefs” yes sir i agree.

    please research some MORE before you go slurping down some dark age lambs brain and fish innards old remedies that grandma taught someone and it actually worked by a fluke and now its “SCIENTIFIC”

    please look to see if there is a herbal remedy or other natural alternative, that doesn’t contain, animal products or chemicals.

    and please stay away from those gonads (special foods) yum

  141. So can someone please reply to this, I have a large filling that may be leaking, now hurts, might have further decay, but x rays don’t show anything and next to this tooth, have a back molar with a filling that now has decay as well. The dentist mentioned crown for one and semi crown for the other. I would like to naturally treat the pain and stop any further decay. I’ve been avoiding the dentist for years now, I just go in for cleanings, but now the teeth have started hurting at touch. Is there anyone that has saved their teeth with similar situation? Please respond, blessings.

  142. Seems like the more fermented foods I eat (and the less sugar/grains) the better the ecosystem of my mouth is. I really think that providing the good bacteria and starving the bad is helpful not only for fresher breath, but preventing cavities as well. I haven’t bought mouthwash in a couple years. A visit to the dentist after a two year hiatus was uneventful!

  143. I recently found out that my 28 month old has 2 cavities. And the worst part is one is aching . By reading through the posts, Vicco powder seems to be a good alternative to paste. Can anyone suggest what worked for your kids in case of cavities? I dont want my kid to be sedated and go through the painful process. I am willing to try natural remidies to lessen the tooth decay and have no cavities.
    Please let me know if it is even possible to restore the teeth from cavities? (he just got these molars only 6 months ago :( ).

    Any suggestions are appreciated,

  144. Hi the thread is very long and I only had a few glimpses of what was going on.
    But the suggestion in the article is that a diet high in water and fat soluble vitamins is ideal in repairing caries/tooth decay incidences?
    But if this diet is followed has it also got something to do with the change in consumption of complex sugars, mainly sucrose which is the sugar metabolized by tooth decay causing bacteria of which their byproduct actually causes the decay.
    Also does the tooth powder contain fluoride and are most people drinking a lot of fluoridated water?

    Also Arual I hope you have seen someone about your endodontic treatment as it can be life-threatening if the bacteria can spread and cause infection in your throat.

  145. 145. (Mr.) Lauren
    Sep 3rd, 2011 at 10:57 am

    Arual said: “I had a root canal several years ago that has never stopped bothering me–”
    and then: “If my root canal really is as bad as it looks, should I just have the tooth pulled or let them try to correct it surgically?”

    I certainly can’t advise what you should do, but I thought you might be interested in my experience. You have probably done something already, so this may be just information.

    In 1994, 17 years ago, a dentist was too aggressive in filling one of my molars, and the nerve died. The tooth has a crown on it, and the decay was under it, so admittedly it was awkward to get at. He wanted me to get a root canal, but I resisted because I knew the dangers of them being infested with bacteria. So I looked for other options.

    At about this time, I began learning about Dr. Hulda Clark’s “Zapper”, and Dr. Bob Beck’s “Magnetic Pulser”. I built both of them, and used the Magnetic Pulser on my tooth to kill the bacteria in it, and the Zapper to kill bacteria in my body. Now I also have a Rife Machine, so I can do the same thing with it. I also do nutritionally many things that have promise to help in health. Of course I don’t know what any of these did, because I can’t do double blind tests on myself! Based on my studies, it didn’t seem I would have any more threat from a dead tooth in my mouth than I would have if I had a Gutta Percha root canal.

    Later I learned about “Endocal”, a calcium based root canal filler, and wished I had a dentist near by that would do them. They almost eliminate any threat of infection, but do have the possibility of cracking the tooth when they expand, probably if the dentist isn’t proficient. A dentist complains in a Web site I read that they have Ethylene Glycol which is toxic. I thought this is a little hypocritical since his colleges (and probably he) has been putting in amalgams (with over 50% mercury having terrible toxicity) for over 100 years!

    This week I had x-rays taken of my teeth. This dead tooth looks to me like it is better than it was 17 years ago, but it does still have a dark space at the tip of the roots. Am I being poisoned by the toxins? I don’t know. I’m 78, and have had some arthritis in a couple of my finger joints, but that is going away since I started following the advice of Dr. Joel Wallach (of “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”). That advice is to take ALL of the trace minerals (it’s impossible to get them from food because soil is depleted), bone cartilege (Knox Gelatin works fine) and good vitamin supplementation.

    All of the things I’ve mentioned above should be searchable on the Internet. I think the Zapper and Mag Pulser are still available from Sota Instruments. I built the Mag Pulser using an old electronic flash as Dr. Beck recommended. I built the Zapper on a Radio Shack circuit board. I suppose it helps to have a disposition toward experimentation, and to realize there are lots of ways to kill bacteria. For example, today is the first day I have ever heard of “Oil Pulling”!! The crazy thing is that I stumbled on to it on my own. We have become more and more impressed with the benefits of coconut oil. I have had a tooth ache (different tooth) in the past 2 weeks, and observed that when I put coconut oil in my mouth, the tooth ache went away! Dumb me, I mentioned it to the dentist. Now I suppose they’ll try to figure out how to bad mouth “Oil Pulling”!

    I hope you’ve solved the problem with your tooth.

  146. 146. (Mr.) Lauren
    Sep 3rd, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    It looks like I can’t edit what I just posted.
    I forgot one thing I should have said, which is that yes, once in awhile a pimple will grow on the gum by the dead tooth. When that happens, I apply a drop of 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide, and it removes it. I have also found that essential oil, like oregano, is a help for it.

  147. Hi everybody,
    I have been reading all of you posts which have given me great hope. My daughter is 21 months old breastfeed still. She has never had a bottle, rarely drinks water based juices and occasionally drinks whole milk. She breastfeed several times a day and night. Recently I took her to pediatric dentist. Who said that she has decay and must have in hospital sedation for crowns and possible extraction of two of her baby teeth. It is schedule for the 28th of September! I am desperate for a homeopathic or natural cure for her teeth so that we can avoid this proceedure I am open to opinions and suggestions. Please help.

  148. Re question from Sandra

    “Also does the tooth powder contain fluoride and are most people drinking a lot of fluoridated water?”

    There are many different tooth powders available. Each that I have seen has a very different list of herbal ingredients. I have never seen any with fluoride in it and would be surprised to find it. But as always, check the list of ingredients yourself and make up your own mind. There is always an element of trust that the listed contents reflects the actual contents. Only trial and error can really tell what works best for your particular personal ‘body ecology”.


  149. If u hav been told u need root canal treatment it means the nerve has died in your tooth. It’s irreversible. A dead nerve means infection. The dead nerve cells have nowhere to escape and builds toxic pressure in tooth which causes a tooth ache (unless you get a draining gum boil OR your tooth is heavily broken and it leaks into your mouth). You may try your luck by supplementing your diet to help your ‘hard’ tooth structure remineralize but this will NOT bring your nerve back to life. If you dont have it fixed properly and get dead nerve cleaned out you will FOREVER hav a low grade systemic infection that may stay dormant until you get sick or rundown. People die from this dramatic but true!

  150. Hi Lindsey
    Could you post the address of where you got the powder from in Brisbane please? Or vague directions? Thx

  151. Hi Sue,
    Sorry for the late response as I don’t check this site very often. It has been a few years since I bought tooth powder in Brisbane. But from my recollections it was from a small shop inside the old Myers building in Fortitude Valley. Besides that, every Indian food/grocery shop I have ever been in, generally stocks Vicco tooth powder. There are many other brands of tooth powder but it is usually hard to get these outside of India. Good Luck

  152. @ Lindsey : Others do not work like Vicco in my tooth-experience.
    I think someone can contact Vicco in case of local non-availability outside India.

    You can try another - Neem Tooth paste (its a brand name). Here is a photo -

  153. I love this product It is a great moisturizer for my hair as well as my skin. The smell is subtle but pleasing. I leave it in my hair overnight and it easily washes out in the morning. It also keeps my skin soft. It works very well for dry cracked heels.

  154. Thanks to the link kindly provided by Abhishek, I found an interesting page on the Vicco website which has a detailed list and description of the ingredients for Vicco toothpowder. This is something people have asked for in the past. They are listed on the container, but not recognising the Indian herb names, it doesn’t mean much. the link below makes up for this by describing in detail each ingredient. Thanks Abhishek.

  155. There are some missing posts on this thread. (posted 3 weeks ago) I have been trying to contact site admin but cannot find any current contact information. I have also tried Price Weston but have had no response. Anyone out there??

  156. 156. Cathy Mifsud
    Nov 18th, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Hi everyone,
    wow, its been a long time since I’ve posted.

    For those people needing urgent help to save their little children’s teeth please READ the WHOLE article by Rami above. It answers your questions and there are links to further reading.

    In regards to baby teeth that are decaying, if there is no pain you have time to put all your energy in correcting the diet then the body will heal the teeth from the inside out.

  157. well its been 3 years now since we started on this tooth healing journey, and after implementing most things suggested in Rami book we have been exteamly succeful, our little girl had major teeth problems which shocked us as we were very diet concous she had been breast fed until age 5 etc etc. we have had reversal of any decay, teeth which were ” Supposed” to be pulled out, no pain no problem at al for 3years. all her new teeth are strong and no signs of decay, our brave girl ate raw liver, guzzeled raw milk and oil pulled dailyetc….. she is now ten. her lil brother who has had all the best nutrition gained so much from our new wisdom, not a blemish on his teeth……thankyou we went from disempowermnt to greatly empowered, is now our way of life….

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