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Allergies :: Fructose :: Chia Seeds :: Kombucha

By Sally Fallon

Question: When I was pregnant I discovered that I had Candida. I had been eating lot of very sugary foods during pregnancy after years of dieting and lots of exercise. It was my binge time. After discovering I had Candida, I gave up most of my sugary foods for the rest of the pregnancy and by the time I gave birth I was totally sugar free. After giving birth I went back to my old ways with eating sugray foods, however after a month I started feeling very depressed and and was getting headaches and feeling anxious, irritable and unable to cope. When I stopped eating sugar these symptoms disappeared. Any time I eat sugar for more than a few days in a row, all those symptoms come back. I also now get a similiar reaction with lactose and dairy, nitrates, citrus fruit, mushrooms and gluten. These (excluding gluten) came up as allergies for me when I took a hair allergy test. Prior to my pregnancy I did not have any allergies except for gluten intolerance which I have been unable to prove though any tests. I am struggling to manage all these allergies and I am wondering how they came about and how I can get rid of them. I also suffer from being low in iron as does my son who is 13 months. He has been diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia and I have not been able to get his iron levels up with the use of a supplement. He is still being breastfed and is an exclusively breastfed baby. He eats solid food but with the finicky appetite of some children his age which makes it hard for me to get the right nutrients into him. Can you help with this? How di I get him to eat and get his iron levels up? I am also wondering how to get hold of animal fat to use instead of olive oil? Tracy

Answer: Well, first of all, no baby should be exclusively breastfed after 6 months - no traditional society does this. And the first foods for baby are always high: iron foods like liver and egg yolks. The baby needs to get on some solid food right away, starting with pureed liver and egg yolk. (See the article under Children’s Health at To deal with your allergies, you need to see a holistic practitioner - try the Nourished MarketPlace Practitioners or contact your nearest WAPF local chapter to find one. You should be on raw milk, lots of cream and butter, cod liver oil and lots and lots of bone broths. The book Performance Without Pain details a diet plan that should get rid of the candida and allergies. Best, Sally
Also, try the Candida Protocol on Nourished Magazine.

Question: I find myself facing a fructose intolerance, which although frustrating at first, answers many questions about why I cannot tolerate many foods. I was clever enough to get flat curve hypoglycaemia a good 10 years before it was invented, and whilst making great efforts to follow a low sugar diet, I found myself in the trap of a high fructose diet instead (big mistake!) Nobody told me my blood sugar was low because my insulin levels were off the scale, and that a diet rich in fructose could be a trap. Can you recommend a book or some sane articles I could read? - it is extremely difficult to find good consistent information on this subject. A full table of fructose/fructan food content would be enormously useful - I find many information pages on the internet will give wonderful tables of low-fructose foods, but include those with fructans as well (I don’t think this helps!) Paula Grey

Answer: I do not know of any tables and I do agree with you that it is hard to find coherent information on the internet. I suggest you search for all the articles by Meira Field (Fields?) in Medline - she did a lot of good work on fructose. But it should be fairly easy to avoid it: just don’t consume anything with high fructose corn syrup or any fruit juice, and only very small amounts of fruit, and always with cream or butter. Eating a high fat diet should help stabilize the blood sugar. Best, Sally

Question: Since chia seeds have a high phytate content, do they need to be soaked or sprouted before they are eaten? Also when soaked chia are mucilogenous and it is recommended that one drinks this as it is high in fibre. However due to the high phytate content wouldn’t the ’soaking water’ be toxic? Linda

Answer: Honestly I don’t have a lot of experience with chia seeds. I don’t think they are high in phytate, most mucilogenous seeds are not so they don’t have to be soaked but I wouldn’t recommend eating a lot of them, perhaps 1 tablespoon ground up on oatmeal. Best, Sally

Question: Can one substitute kombucha for water as a hydrator? Linda

Ed’s Note: Sally doesn’t have an answer for you on this question. Perhaps our readers have some input? Historically, people don’t seem to have drunk that much straight water. Generally, they drank fermented drinks like cider and beer. One theory of the prevalence of alcoholism today is that we are craving these naturally fermented drinks that gave us lots of healthy micro-organisms for our gut. Perhaps you could try drinking only kombucha for a while and see how you feel? Does it affect your energy levels, your urine output, your skin tone, your bowel movements? Let us know!

Sally Fallon is founding president of the Weston A Price Foundation, a non-profit nutrition education foundation with over 400 local chapters and 9000 members. She is also the founder of A Campaign for Real Milk, which has as its goal universal access to clean raw milk from pasture-fed animals. Author of the best-selling cookbook Nourishing Traditions and also of Eat Fat Lose Fat (Penguin), both with Mary G. Enig, Phd, Sally has a encyclopedic knowledge of modern nutritional science as well as ancient food ways. Her grasp on the work of Weston Price is breath taking and her passion for health freedom, inspiring. In each edition of Nourished Magazine Sally answers your questions about nutrition, health, food and medical politics. Send us an email with your question and we'll put it to her.

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COMMENTS - 25 Responses

  1. In response to the Kombucha question, I’ll offer my own findings. I used to drink alot of water. Upwards of 100 oz a day, I am only 118lbs so I was consuming more water than my body knew what to do with. I have since switched to drinking less water, perhaps 48-60 oz a day and I drink 12-24 oz of homemade Kombucha. I find that especially after physical activity and workouts that the Kombucha seems to quench my thirst quicker than water, so I usually have that directly after a workout. Also, I add a few squeezes of lime or lemon to my water so that it has more nutritional value to it.

  2. I drink a lot of Kombucha too, and prefer it to water when thirsty. With both ‘bucha and raw milk, I hardly drink any water at all. Water is easier to take to dance classes and by my bed at night, and that’s about the only time I drink it. I also add lemon and limes to it for taste. Urine, and bowel movements all A-ok. Skin tone, energy all great. Occasionally I need to drink more water, and I do so instinctively. My advice is to try it out and listen to what your body tells you. :-)

  3. i make water kefir and find this a great thirst quencher and revives me after any physical activity

  4. hi all,
    i made creme fraiche but it is very sweet. the ready made variety i bought has a prefferable tart taste.
    Does anyone have a suggestion as what i can do with the batch i made to increase tartness and for future batches. Would adding yoghurt culture from pre-made help? How do i break down the batch i made to alter it?

    The weather was so cold that i eventually placed it into a pre-heated oven. i forgot to take it out for ages.
    Can creme fraiche be frozen?
    Where do i obtain buttermilk culture?
    Thankyou, Ingrid

  5. Hi,
    I’d love to be able to get hold of the Kombucha mushroom to make my own drinks.
    Karen, Lacey & all bloggers, how do you recommend getting hold of the stuff?

    I asked my local health food store if they could order it in for me which is possible but a tad exy$$.
    What sources do you use?

  6. To Paula Grey, I cannot absorb fructose fully, (a condition now call called fructose malabsorbtion or frucmal) , Fructose is found in a lot of places some you wouldn’t suspect (eg Onions and honey are very hight in it) , there is a very good yahoo group in Australia (aussies are world leaders in this condition). Go here and join the group

    I assume you are in the USA a few tips for you, stop eating white bread and buy Rye bread, dont trust anything over there that has Corn Syrup on the list of ingredients as it could be HFCS , oh and avoid Honey and anything with onion powder in it

  7. I have got quite a few kombucha “mushrooms” and would b happy to send u one.

  8. forgot to mention I am in Melbourne ,Australia.

  9. I too drink mostly Kombucha and kefir water. I also add lemon to what water I do drink. I am finding I am not retaining water as bad but I am not dry and stools are still ok. I thought the statement about alcoholism was probably dead on.

    What I am finding too is if I drink the KT and kefir water as I am, my cravings for other things has decreased, appetite has decreased and I seem to have more energy than when I am pushing the water intake.

  10. Hi there

    Is anyone able to point me to some reputable sources of Kombucha mushroom? I’d love to get some going for Xmas!


  11. Hi there! Im in Sydney, Australia…looking to get some kombucha started. Does anyone know where in Sydney I can buy a bottle of kombucha? Or anyone willing to share some babies with me?
    email at: jenny at with the circle thingy houseofyin dot net

  12. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a kombucha scoby ( mushroom ) to join the kombucha yahoo group where you can acquire a scoby for the price of postage.

  13. Hi! I’ve been making kombucha for a while now, & have plenty of healthy kombucha cultures to share, for the postage costs.
    Feel free to drop me a line at gamgo_optusnet_com_au (replace the underscores with @ and .)

  14. Hello all,

    Regarding allergies, my partner is in the beginning stages of pregnancy (1st Trimester) and she has taken herself off of singulaire and xyzal out of concern for the little soul growing inside. Of course, her allergy/asthma symptoms have now increased, and we are seeking herbal help that is consistent. Susun Weed’s book “Childbearing Years” gave us mixed messages (eg. ginger may encourage miscarriage, take ginger for morning sickness; similar info for watercress), and was published over two decades ago.

    We have been eating the WAPF way for the past year or so before getting pregnant, and supplement daily with desiccated liver, amla tablets, folic acid, HV butter oil, and fermented cod liver oil from Green Pastures. In addition, we consume kombucha and biodynamic sauerkraut made from red cabbage daily. The one thing that has been difficult is securing raw milk, but we are in the process of fixing this.

    Any help with herbal supplements, and general sources for pregnancy and allergies that are WAPF-approved, is much appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Sep 22nd, 2009 at 2:20 am


    Sep 22nd, 2009 at 2:21 am


  17. Hi Nancy,
    I highly doubt that the chia seed has anything to do with the eczema, in fact it has been successfully used to heal the inflammation. Eczema is caused by blood toxicity & linked with leaky gut syndrome. Basically, it stems from a deficiency of essential nutrients (mainly Omega 3 oils). We must bear in mind that once again the liver is responsible for the health of the skin, so the liver needs cleansing, with lots of good water, Himalayan crystal salts, lemon juice, & cayenne pepper are all good for this. Good luck.

  18. Hi Anita, are you the one with the kefir and kombucha cultures? I don’t seem to find your email address. Could you please let me know so I can order some cultures from you.
    Thanks Bettina

  19. Hi Bettina,
    Here’s my email address- gamgo @ optusnet . com. au

  20. thanks anita, I sent you an email

  21. 21. Leslie nne Franklin
    Nov 9th, 2009 at 9:23 am

    Hi.. I have a couple of questions. My daughter and I are into chia seeds at the moment. But she just had a baby and was wondering if you can breastfeed and eat chia seeds? We soak them in a glass of water and wait till eat becomes a jelly. Will this make the baby have the runs? Also I live in the Gold Coast. Does anyone have a kombucha mushroom in my area that they could give me? Leslie. My email is

  22. Hi Leslie,
    Chia seed gel seems to be ok while breastfeeding. I found this info.- Chia aids rapid development of tissue, due to its incredible nutrient profile and easy assimilation. It can be very beneficial for those healing from injuries, people like bodybuilders who are always re-forming tissues, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    (Salba is a type of Chia).
    Is Salba safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
    Yes. Salba’s rich calcium and iron content make it excellent for women in their child bearing years, nursing and beyond menopause.
    Is Salba suitable for children?
    Yes. Salba can help provide the key nutrients children and adolescents need to develop into strong and healthy adults.

  23. Hi, just wondering if kombucha helps with allergys or makes it worse. THANKS

  24. Is it safe to give a small amount of chia seeds to my 7month old? I know flaxseed is ok.

  1. 1 Are chia seeds paleo/primal? | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page Pingback on Jul 29th, 2011 at 5:02 am

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